17 Best Snowman Treats to Enjoy

There’s something awesome and childlike about building a snowman that first snowfall every year. Hopefully by December you have each had the chance to experience a snowfall in your area. Unless of course you live in one of the southern States or countries. By December each year we often have a fair bit of snow. That translates into snowmen and snowballs and snow forts and all kinds of creative snow sculptures too! Why not extend that idea to include snowman treats as well?



17 Snowman Treats

I have been sharing some fun and easy treats to make with kids this holiday season so I thought this roundup of cute snowman treats fit in beautifully. These cookies pictures above are my favourite! Such cute decorating. It’s almost a shame to east some of these snowman treats. I said, almost! Cookies are my weakness. My kryptonite.

1. Melting Snowman Cookies
2. Snowman Donuts
3. Oreo Cookie Ball Snowmen
4. Snowman Rice Treats
5. DIY Snowman Pretzel Treats
6. Snowman Christmas Treats
7. Snowman Sugar Cookies
8. Snowman Cupcakes
9. Snowman Pimento Cheese Ball
10. Easy Melted Snowman
11. Snowman Truffles
12. Snowman Oreo Cookie Balls
13. Snowman Dessert Dip
14. Snowman Pancakes
15. Snowmen Cookie Stacks
16. Easy Cheese Stick Snowman
17. Marshmallow Snowmen

Snowman Treats

Marshmallows and snowmen just make sense don’t they? OH and wouldn’t they be thrilled on Christmas morning with Snowman pancakes!? Love that idea.

Don’t forget to come back here and leave me a comment if you try any of these snowman treats at home! Oh and of course don’t forget to check out these free holiday printables. Oh and the infamous Olaf treat mix is another post you need to check out immediately.

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