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    17 Best Snowman Treats to Enjoy

    There’s something awesome and childlike about building a snowman that first snowfall every year. Hopefully by December you have each had the chance to experience a snowfall in your area. Unless of course you live in one of the southern States or countries. By December each year we often have a fair bit of snow. That translates into snowmen and snowballs and snow forts and all kinds of creative snow sculptures too! Why not extend that idea to include snowman treats as well?   17 Snowman Treats I have been sharing some fun and easy treats to make with kids this holiday season so I thought this roundup of cute…

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    17 Cute Santa Treats to Make and Share

    Oh I know Christmas seems right around the corner, doesn’t it? It somehow sneaks up on all of us every year. But this year I have been sharing some great treats and baked goods that may help you prepare some of the baking at least. As for the gifts, well I will probably share some gift ideas here too. Odds are good there will be shopping. Baking some of these Santa Treats ahead of time might help you stay on top of that one task. 17 Santa Treats 1. Chocolate Santa Pretzels 2. Rice Krispie Treat Bars 3. Santa Claus Candy Sleighs 4. Santa Hat Cupcake 5. Santa Cookies 6.…

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    17 Adorable and Festive Reindeer Treats

    Is there anything cuter than a reindeer at Christmas? Well, maybe children opening their presents and absorbing all that wonderment. Reindeer cookies and crafts are fun for all ages. Even if you aren’t the savviest baker on the planet, chances are you can make several of these adorable festive reindeer treats. When I was a child my favourite Christmas movie was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Seeing them on TV or at the movies is fun when you are small. Many times we have seen them at African Lion Safari and other zoo, amusement park areas. Somehow reindeer in real life are a pinch less magical than reindeer cartoons or…