25 Must Have Puzzles

25 Must Have Puzzles

Are you a puzzle fan? We are too. My one daughter and husband love to do puzzles.


 25 Must Have Puzzles

My youngest daughter is a puzzle fanatic. From the time she was a toddler we would gift her puzzles and she would effortlessly put them together. It was a captivating thing to witness.

My youngest child has special needs. She was born with sensory processing disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and she struggles with a lot of things. Reading came slowly, but she gradually caught up. She ran almost before she walked and she still has a lot of sensory issues related to the prenatal alcohol exposure. I write about that sometimes here in this space. We adopted Ainsley at around 5 months old. She has made some huge gains, but there are times when it’s incredibly apparent she struggles still.

Puzzles as a Sensory Calming Tool

When she was little, and she was raging or having a big sensory meltdown, it was possible to sometimes convince her to come sit and focus intently on a puzzle.

Now that she is ten, she can do puzzles that are insanely difficult. We still use them to have her calm down and focus. She still enjoys them and is great at them. They have been a great tool in our parenting toolkit to help this little person manage her frustration and calm herself down. A puzzle in a quiet corner has worked, ever since preschool. Every Christmas this girl gets a new one. This year I am choosing one from this list of 25 Must Have Puzzles.

Versatile Toys

Of course the other thing about puzzles is that they are versatile. You can start doing them at age 2 and you can still be puzzling at 99 years old. You can do them by yourself, with your family, or just with a friend. Pull out a puzzle and test your skills. Have your family join in as you search for the right piece.

Putting puzzles together brings an opportunity to spend quality time together with your family, but don’t forget your Stow and Go Puzzle Mat for those puzzles that become week long projects!

Here are a Few Great Puzzles that Are Options for Gifts

  1. Snow Night Aurora Puzzle
  2. Television History Puzzle
  3. Yosemite Valley Puzzle
  4. Hummingbirds Puzzle
  5. Movie Posters Puzzle
  6. Tapestry Cat
  7. Cereal Boxes
  8. Hot Air Balloons
  9. The Starry Night Puzzle
  10. Cinque Terre Puzzle
  11. Perennials Puzzle
  12. Peace & Love Puzzle
  13. Lunch Boxes Puzzle
  14. Bizarre Bookshop
  15. Beer Puzzle
  16. License Plate Puzzle
  17. Travel Dreams
  18. Vintage Flower Seeds Puzzle
  19. Doughnuts Puzzle
  20. Marbles Puzzle
  21. Pencil Puzzle
  22. Tea Cups Puzzle
  23. Doors of the World Puzzle
  24. Diners Puzzle
  25. Bowling Puzzle

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