5 Easy Houseplants for People with Brown Thumbs

The multi colored leaves of the pothos plants are intriguing and decorative.
The multi colored leaves of the pothos plants are intriguing and decorative.

Easy houseplants are great for people who love greenery, but whose thumbs are less than green. With these easy houseplants, you can have a wonderfully lush home without the inevitable brown plants and crushed spirits that come from things like forgetting to water them or not putting them in a spot with adequate lighting.

Easy Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow

Any of these houseplants can withstand the curse of the brown thumb. While they aren’t indestructible, these easy houseplants can whether the hardships of owners who forget to water or never feed them.


Pothos has lovely variegated leaves and has a lush, dense look. They produce trailing stems that can grow to over 8 feet, so you’ll have to cut them back to your liking to keep them in line and keep your pothos looking full. This plant requires soil to dry a little between watering, so it’s great for people who either forget to water regularly or who are often away. It can even withstand low light, although its leaves will lose some variegating in low light.


Ah, aloe. The old standby. The slow and steady mule of easy houseplants. Aloe is a succulent, which means it requires very little water. In fact, it likes dry soil, so you really have to make a concerted effort to kill it. In addition to that, you can break off the stems and use the juice inside for sun burns. All you really need to grow an aloe plant is sun and enough room. They can grow to 3 feet high.


Another succulent, Jade is a visually interesting plant with thick, waxy leaves and a branching growth pattern that is quite cool. As a succulent, it prefers to be dry, which means you don’t have to overly worry about watering. It is also extremely long lived, so it can stay with you for years and years.

Rubber Tree

Another visually interesting plant, the rubber tree is an easy houseplant that makes a great centerpiece for other houseplants. It has thick, waxy leaves, and it can grow to a height of 8 feet if you let it. If you prefer to keep it small, simply keep it pruned. You’ll have a rubber bush, instead. This is another easy houseplant that doesn’t need a ton of water. Let the surface of the soil dry out before you water, and keep it in moderate to bright light, and you’ll be set.

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Snake Plant

The snake plant is last, but certainly not least on my list of easy houseplants. The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue is almost indestructible. It prefers somewhat dry soil, and it can thrive in any lighting condition. Even if you forget to water it for months, the long upright leaves may die, but it will put out new growth. The only real way to kill it is to spray it with weed poison!

Easy Houseplants – Pretty Tough

See what I did there? All of these easy houseplants can stand up to brown thumbs and forgetful owners. And bonus – they’re all extremely attractive. I would recommend starting off with the succulents if you are a first time houseplant owner or if your thumb is brown through and through. Whatever you choose, these easy houseplants will make it so easy, you’ll find your brown thumb has turned green!