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5 Reasons For Travelling in June and July #travel


It seems a little bit kooky to want to travel in June or July, especially to a resort, and most especially if you are a Canadian. I mean, aren’t we supposed to simply stay put for the short summer season and then flee the snow, icy roads and mayhem somewhere just before or after Christmas? Didn’t we invent the term snowbirds? Maybe so, but I have travelled a few times now off season to resorts in June, July and even August, and the results have been surprising. Travelling in June and July can be worth it for many reasons.

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1. The lower cost of travel in summer months, can be worth it. Take, for instance, a trip to Dominican Republic in July when the weather is ridiculously hot and people don’t want to fly to resorts. The cost can save you hundreds from the typical price of a week in Dominican Republic. My first experience with this was my honeymoon. We got married June 20th and we flew to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We managed to afford two weeks at a four star all inclusive for what it would normally cost for one week in the winter months. The savings can be well worth shifting your vacation weeks around. Just be careful not to book during hurricane season.

2. Less crowding. Don’t underestimate the luxury of heading to a four or five star resort in the off season. I have been on many trips, many places, at all times of the year and from November through to April popular resorts sell out, so there will be line ups for most things. The resorts are much less busy in June and July, and you can actually enjoy a bit of peace and quiet which is why you are escaping, right?

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3. Better service. Sometimes fewer guests means you stand a better chance at excellent service. Service can be faster from check in to checkout, and at meal times too. If that matters to you then you might consider travelling off season in June or July.

4. Chairs or pool and beach real estate. Oh go ahead and laugh. But if you have ever been to a four or five star resort at peak season then you know exactly what I am talking about. If you want a lounge chair at the pool, you better get up at the crack of dawn to reserve one during the popular travel times. I went to Puerto Vallarta in June and I was stupefied that we had our choice of chairs pretty much any time of day. Fewer people and less rushing for meal times and valuable pool real estate. That’s a luxurious feeling when visiting in June and you can simply relax anywhere.

5. Extra adventures and resort events. The typical resort entertainment schedule can be pretty predictable in the winter months. One night there will be a dance Vegas style revue. Another there will be a singer and yet another will be some type of family game show or family friendly show. That’s standard. But off season you might find that there’s something new happening or being rehearsed. Whale watching, for instance, is often not during peak travel time. Turtle hatching and conservation efforts sometimes depend on the local area. (Do a bit of research before you travel. There is almost always something fun and completely different happening in June and July.) At one resort we visited there was a sea turtle release program. Parts of that happened throughout the year and at less busy times you can still catch a bit of that process and wind up with front row seats to a really educational and unique experience.

Travel is a mind altering/ expanding process that helps you grow as an individual and as a family. If you are working with a budget you might consider travelling in the quieter months for all of the reasons outlined above. The cost savings alone can be worth travelling in June and July.

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