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5 Tips for Saving Money on Flying #travel

Little Child Playing Airplane Pilot Kid Traveler Flying in Aviator Helmet on Travel Suitcase Vacation Trip Concept over Blue Sky Clouds
Little Child Playing Airplane Pilot Kid Traveler Flying in Aviator Helmet on Travel Suitcase Vacation Trip Concept over Blue Sky Clouds

Saving money on flying is a big deal. We all know how incredibly expensive flying can be, so anything we can do to cut costs is always a plus. Saving money on flights can mean better accommodations, more time at a theme park, or just a little extra money put back in the bank.

Saving Money on Flights

If you know me at all, then you are well aware how much I love to travel. I also love to save money, so if there’s anything I can do to save money on flights, I’ll do it. I can’t always do all of these all the time, but I certainly try. While all of these tips won’t necessarily be doable for every trip, they’re all good options to know.

Travel in the Off Season

Whenever possible, plan  your trips on the off season for the area you’re going. The off season means less passengers, which means less expensive flights. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Disney World, try to plan your trip during the school months. Most people are heading to Orlando for Disney during Summer when the kids are out of school. We have, in fact, often travelled in April because it is much less costly.

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Pack Light

Another way of saving money on flights is packing the bare minimum. The less luggage you have, the less money you spend on extra fees. And we all know how much airlines love their fees. So whenever possible, only pack the bare minimum to cut down on baggage fees.

Indirect Flight is Your Friend

If you have the patience and time isn’t an issue, book flights with lay-overs. Although it can take longer – and you’ll certainly need something to occupy yourself – flights with lay-overs are much cheaper than direct flights.

Don’t Marry One Airline

Just because your departure flight is with one airline, it doesn’t mean you have to fly back with them. Take the time to do some research. Many times, you can save money by booking one way tickets with the cheapest airline. This is an option for saving money on flights that many people don’t think about, but it can pay off.

Bring Snacks

Rather than paying for in-flight food that will cost you an arm and a leg, bring your own snacks. Airlines like to charge for every little thing, but they don’t charge a little. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to pay out the nose for a cafeteria meal.

5 Little Steps Can Save Big Money

Saving money on flights isn’t as mysterious and it appears to be at first. With a little research and a little thinking outside of the box, saving money on flying can be a real thing with real savings.

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