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Make Your Own Relaxing Luau Bath Scrub

luau bath scrub

Do you make your own bath scrubs ever? I kind of love how easy and fun these are to make. They are super simple and lovely to give to people as presents also – if you package them up prettily like these.


2 C Epsom salt
1 cup sugar
1 C coconut oil
2-3 drops of yellow, orange, and red gel food coloring
3-5 drops of each Orange, lemon, and rose essence oils

Luau bath scrub


-Combine the Epsom salt, sugar, and coconut oil.  Stir until mixed.
-Divide the scrub equally into 3 bowls
-Add  5+ drops of Lemon essential oil into bowl #1.
-Stir in the drops of yellow gel food coloring in the same bowl (#1). Mix well.
-Add 5+ drops of orange essential oil into bowl #2. Stir in the drops of orange gel food coloring into that bowl. Stir well to blend both the essential oil and gel food coloring.
-Add 5+ drops of rose essential oil into bowl #3. Stir in the drops of red gel food coloring. Stir well to blend the essential oil and gel food coloring.
-Layer the colored scrub in the order of your choice. Example: yellow on the bottom, orange as the second layer and red as the top layer.
-Choose a container or jar with a lid of your choice.  A Mason jar would look outstanding.
– Place in a corner of your bath tub.

Luau bath scrub

Benefits of essential oils:

Lemon….Emotionally and spiritually, promotes focus and clarity.  Clears the mind of distractions, and helps a person tune in to the task at hand.

Orange….Energetically, is uplifting to the mind and emotions. Translating to an increase in physical energy, or an elevating mood.

Rose….Wonderful for skin, as well as mood support. Known to be uplifting and heart-opening.

The gel food coloring due to the addition of the coconut oil will rinse off during your shower leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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