Bee Mine Valentine’s Math Addition and Subtraction Booklet

What does Valentine’s Math look like?

Well, one plus one equals two. Just kidding.

Valentine’s Day Themed Addition and Subtraction Booklet

I mean Valentine’s Math isn’t much different than any other math, but at the very least it’s a cute little opportunity to sell math practice to your kids. One of mine had zero interest in math for years, so sometimes that meant adding some manipulable toys or tools to help make it tangible, or real. Whatever works sometimes to get them through.

I hope you each have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your family. There sure is a lot to celebrate about February. Valentine’s Day, Family Day, and more. Plus, Heart Health Awareness Month, Black History Month and Chinese New Year.

Valentine’s Day is just a fun day to show people you love them or to express to friends that you care. These days, those little reminders of love are more than welcome and necessary. The world benefits when we share joy and love and messages of hope. 

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It sure is not the usual Valentine’s Day and boy am I ever getting tired of saying that, but it’s still a good chance to celebrate love and family. FYI, don’t miss this Valentine’s Day Colouring Page too.

I hope you have a lovely time sharing a romantic dinner and I hope you get candy, and/ or flowers too.

Anyways, this year I have an easy and thrifty gift for you to give someone special. As always this is family friendly, but also could be adults only if you wanted the booklet to be. It is three pages so be sure to print each page out. You can easily get my entire Valentine’s coupon booklet.

Here’s How to Access This Cute Valentine’s Math Page Printable:

Just download it to your computer and print off the pages.

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