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Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Joy with Hallmark Now

I am a Hallmark ambassador and this post is sponsored. My opinion is my own.

It’s official. We are all about Hallmark this season. Hallmark movies have pulled me in pretty much every night this past 2-3 weeks. I mean, how can you resist? Christmas, plus romance brings all the warm fuzzies. Right now Hallmark is brightening my December, and with their Christmas and Hanukkah home decorations and gifts, they can cheer up any Grinch or Scrooge this season.


Christmas and Hanukkah are upon us, and it’s time to spread the joy with Hallmark. Our home has always been full of Hallmark seasonal decorations, but this year more than ever I am in hook, line and sinker. I love their cards and gifts, which are even more fun than usual. I always find something to help me make the holiday season brighter for my friends and family. Their gifts, cards, and decorations help make my home a cozy place where my family can settle in, turn on the Hallmark channel, and just bask in the joy of the season.

This year, we’ve been obsessed with the many Hallmark movies that have been playing. They are perfect for setting the mood of the season. Of course, our adorable Singing Santa, pretty pillow, throw, and Advent calendar all add to the charm of our Christmas season, too. Between Hallmark’s beautiful cards, decorations, and the Christmas movies, we’ve been all Christmas all the time for a couple of weeks.

However, Hallmark doesn’t stop at Christmas. They also have a lineup of Hanukkah gifts, as well. So no matter what holiday you celebrate – maybe it’s both – Hallmark has you covered for Christmas and Hanukkah.


Christmas and Hanukkah Joy

If you are scouring the Hallmark website, Gold Crown Store, and Walmart like a shopper on a mission, don’t sweat it. I have several great gift ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah. They have such a big selection of gifts, decorations, and accessories for the holidays, there’s something for everyone.

We love the itty bittys, because they are so cute and they are often tiny versions of Santa or Snoopy or even Marvel characters. In our home we have Snoopy, the line of Winnie the Pooh itty bitty, Captain America and Black Widow as well as Santa and a Nativity Set too. Slowly collecting several of these adorable toys.

Looking for gifts to give teachers, family or friends? Here are a few great ideas from Hallmark:

  • Holiday plushies including itty bittys Santa Christmas Countdown calendar
  • Blown glass ornaments from the Hallmark Heritage Line (super teacher gifts)
  • Shoebox Wall Calendar is only $15.99 and it is pretty comical.
  • Woven Blanket $29.99 goes really well with the Merry Christmas pillow $32.99. These colours work beautifully in my living room so I am loving this combination.
  • Woven Felt Tote is perfect for carting the items to someone else’s home, or you might use it to make up a special Christmas gift basket. $24.99 and available in red or grey.

ALL the Best Cards and Trimmings for Gifts

Now that the tree is up it’s time to get wrapping. Hallmark makes that easy and stylish with their bows, tissue and even gift card holders that play music. Now, who am I giving a gift card too? Perhaps one of the teens who love iTunes. I am in love with the Signature Fabric Navy Large Puff Bottle Bag and plan to put wine under someone’s tree just so I can use this little beauty. It feels like blue velvet. And the Star War BB8 felt bag is going straight to my nephew with some Star Wars fun toys in it. SO CUTE!


Today I wrote several of my cards out and put them in the mail. That meant playing around with the new Paper Wonder cards that are so unique.  Last year I received a lot of compliments on the Hallmark cards we sent out. I know these gorgeous Paper Wonder Holiday Counter Cards that are 3 D Pop Up design will be a hit.

Also if you haven’t got your cards yet check these out:

  • Paper Wonder and Signature line gift bags for Christmas and Hanukkah gifting
  • Decoupage Christmas ornament and Paper Wonder greeting cards EXCLUSIVE to Walmart
  • Christmas cards from Paper Wonder, Signature, and Gold Crown exclusive Wonderfold boxed cards


Christmas and Hanukkah are Better with Hallmark

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah, you can find a variety of products from Hallmark to make the holidays brighter. From ornaments to gift bags, Hallmark has something for everyone, whether you are the giver or the recipient, and that makes things both merrier and simpler. That’s the perfect combination, in my opinion. So head over to the Hallmark website, Gold Crown store, or your local Walmart to find everything you need for Christmas and Hanukkah this holiday season.

Win a Cute Holiday Pillow

Before you go, enter to win a cute Hallmark holiday pillow. One lucky reader will win this adorable pillow to enhance their holiday decorations this season. Be sure to enter, because it is a super cute prize. Canada Only. MSRP $32.99!


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