Colourful Summer Spelling Cards

Kids climbing the walls by now? Are they ready to start school, or getting ready to start school? Then these summer spelling cards might help them to stay sharp or get and edge in the early years. At the very least, these cute and colourful spelling cards may help keep them busy for a bit. Everything helps in the summer. 

How to Use These Summer Spelling Cards

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Print them out on card stock, laminate if you have access to a laminator but if you don’t then you can use as is, just be sure to choose strong enough card stock. 

Print out these flash cards on what card stock and use them until they run out. If you are super clever you might want to laminate and see how that makes them last. When our kids were small we used all sorts of flash cards to help supplement learning. These summer themed flash cards are fun and colourful, intended for young children ages 3 to six or seven at most depending on ability and unique challenges. 

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Don’t miss my other printables available above under the Printables tab. There are hundreds of games, colouring pages and more. If you are searching for any specific content remember to leave me a comment and I will do my best to get it printed or created here. Enjoy the rest of your summer. 


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