What Can You Do With Just One Dollar Children’s Book Giveaway

What Can You Do With Just One Dollar?

When my kids were small we had a zillion books in the cutest library. They loved to read and it was important to me to have that library full of books about diversity and social issues. While What Can You Do with Just One Dollar wasn’t around then, it is now and it will make the perfect addition to any children’s library.

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From the time my kids were small we wanted them to learn about giving and caring about others so we filled their library with books that discussed giving and then used those as a jumping off point for talking moments. So when I found out about What Can You Do With Just One Dollar I was interested in hearing more.

New Children’s Book Shows Kids the Positive Impact They Can Make

What Can You Do with Just One Dollar?, written by Toronto fundraising executive and new children’s book author Teresa Vasilopoulos, focuses on diversity and inclusion and illustrates that all kids (no matter their background or circumstances) can enjoy the feeling of pride and accomplishment when they give. The book’s illustrator, Vic Guiza, is an award-winning illustrator who has worked with brands such as Disney and Marvel Comics. 

All proceeds from the book go to WoodGreen Community Services to help alleviate poverty in Toronto. This cute new children’s book shows kids how they can make a big difference with a small act of kindness.   

“With so many tragic stories in the news lately, children might feel a loss of control and sense that they don’t have the ability to make a difference or create change,” said Vasilopoulos. “This book helps to inspire and empower children to create a positive impact within their lives, their community or the world.” 

About the Author

Vasilopoulos and Guiza collaborated to create a visually impactful and inclusive story appealing to readers of different cultures, situations, or experiences. Hopefully, they can see themselves in the characters and dream about how they can give or help others.

Teresa Vasilopoulos is a fundraising executive. Her career in philanthropy spans leadership roles in the health, education, youth, poverty, social services, and international development sectors. Teresa has a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) designation, an EMBA from Queen’s University School of Business, and is a director on The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Foundation for Philanthropy of Canada, and AFP GTA Chapter Boards. She recently received the AFP Global Outstanding Fundraising Professional Award for 2022. She inspires young readers to see beyond their own needs.  

Ways to Give Back

Setting up a lemonade stand, a food drive, getting pledges to take part in a race, or pooling dollars with friends all have a positive impact.

Give this book to a child you love and it becomes a gift that keeps on giving. That’s the kind of books that I can definitely get behind. This cute children’s book can be purchased at and Proceeds will go to WoodGreen Community Services, Toronto’s largest social service agency, which focuses on equity, inclusion, and poverty reduction.   


WoodGreen is one of Toronto’s largest social service agencies, serving 40,000 people each year. They offer over 75 programs and services supporting the health and well-being of individuals in the community. 

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