Finish Revolution Cleaner Dishes – What a Mess!

Lately I am totally digging cooking. No joke. Never thought I would be that gal. But ever since I turned forty. (An age I plan to stay permanently) I love cooking. I cook often now with my kids and we bake and we use our really old oversized crockpot too. We even run a regular Thursday series now called Cooking With Kids. It is all about easy recipes to get children involved in cooking. So we have a lot of dirty dishes and we use our dishwasher a lot. This is a new favorite pastime.

Unfortunately the messes left behind are big.  This is my epic vat of beef stew, which I make often especially in the winter months because I love that warm dish and it is nutritious and healthy. But, like I said the messes?! Gah. Well, as you know by now I am a Finish Revolution Blogger and have been blogging about our experience using Finish. Finish wasn’t a hard sell for me, because we have used Finish for years. So this was a good fit. This month I wanted to show you how good it is on the big messes.

My stew. It really was fabulous this time.

Now take a look at the shine on that bowl. Are you kidding me? That even shocked me.

Finish revolution cleaning tablets make the dishes shine. That makes me happy. And, according to the Facebook page operating your dishwasher uses less water now than traditional sink washing. That’s something to feel good about.

And although the crockpot, biggest one on the market, can’t fit inside my dishwasher, well we have a saying in my house that is a little something like this: If it fits in the dishwasher, it goes in the dishwasher. (Because mama hates washing dishes) That is the huge lid for my crockpot. Look how shiny. Love it!

So this is month two for me, as part of the Finish Revolution. Look for the button on my blog and go like Finish Canada for special offers. https://www.facebook.com/finishcanada

Disclosure: I am a Finish Revolution Blogger and am part of Mom Central Canada. As such I receive special perks and compensation for some posts. This is one of those posts. My opinion is all my own and as I noted I have been using Finish for years.

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