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Dads and Grads Gifts from Hallmark #HallmarkCA #Giveaway

graduation gifts

The school year is winding down and many students are getting ready for graduation. My oldest daughter is finishing grade eight and graduating to high school. That is a very big deal around here. Next year she’s off to high school and that marks a dramatic change. Luckily Hallmark has everything you need to help celebrate your graduate’s accomplishment. There are several unique gifts for graduates, and some fun gifts for Dads too. Don’t forget about Father’s Day, which is right around the corner on Sunday, June 21st.


Grads Giveaway

Gifts for Graduates:

This year the Autograph Graduation Bear has my eye. We have plans for this one. The Autograph Graduation Bear will be perfect for my older daughter finishing up her last year of public grade school and heading into her freshman year at high school. She plans to take this in to school to get it signed by her friends. I love that idea. Any graduate, at any age would love this cute bear. Sign your name right on it. He comes with a permanent marker too. Such a cute keepsake.

He is $16.95 on his own or $12.95 with any purchase.

In the spirit of Autographs and keeping memories alive there is also the super cute Autograph Photo Poster. It’s a 2015 cutout with a picture insert. Perfect for a party table or in the entry when the guests arrive for your graduation party. Each one can sign their name and share a special wish too.

This one is $14.95 or a mere $9.95 with the purchase of three Hallmark cards.

We received a package of graduation invitations and thank you notes too. These will be perfect for any gifts received and parties planned. Each of the stationery items is $5.99.

For those who give gift cards the Graduation Hat card keeper is a great idea. Looks like a grad hat and fits a 3 by 5 photo and you can store cards inside it. It’s $12.95 with any purchase and $19.95 without purchase. Set it on display and guests can drop cards or gift cards inside.

[tweetthis]Graduation Hat card keeper is $12.95 with any purchase. Set it on display and guests can drop cards or gift cards inside[/tweetthis]

A similar cute gift is the Grad Hat Gift Card Holder. I love this. It’s a real Grad Hat with a spot to insert a gift card. Make your gift card special with the Grad Hat Gift Card Holder. $9.95 without purchase or $4.95 with purchase. I love how cute this is.

There are also dated mugs with designed handles. $12.95 You can see one in the photo above. It’s too soon for my kiddo to drink coffee but it’s perfect for any other hot beverage such as hot chocolate. There are some cute graduation picture frames too with sentimental sayings on the frame itself. These are also $12.95. I have one of these Graduation picture frames to give to a lucky reader too. (See top picture under the GRAD Gifts logo)

[tweetthis]You can win a Hallmark Canada graduation gift picture frame right now. [/tweetthis]

Don’t forget to read this if you are still shopping for graduation or prom dresses.

Gifts for Dads:

Dads aren’t to be forgotten this year! Or any year for that matter. Hallmark knows Dad is the king of the Barbecue and the golf course. This year you can gift him any of the numerous Life Is Good branded products. There are Life is Good golf balls, Life is Good golf towels, and Father’s Day Life is Good coffee mugs. The golf towels are great quality and they sell for $16.95. The coffee mugs are super cute with fun handles and a style to suit every Dad, from Fisherman, to Handyman. The mugs are $9.95 with purchase of three cards.

Life Is Good has several other branded items for Dads. There are Barbecue Oven Mitts and a Dad’s Grill cutting board, as well as several bottle openers, a canvas catch all tray and a Leather can holder. Prices range so there’s something in every price range for every child or parent purchasing. I love the Father’s Day picture Frames. They are super sweet. We received one of those for the kids to gift to their Dad.

Enter now to win a Graduation Frame as shown above in top picture.

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