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Dempster’s Thins and Sandwich Personality #giveaway.

What makes a sandwich great? In a word? Personality. 
Everyone likes it just a little bit different. Take my family for instance. Four of us and all four different distinct personalities, so not so surprising that we like our sandwiches to be unique.
I like mine messy. With cheese. Melted. And every so often I like it spicy. But I don’t care for a massive amount of calories and I am no fan of thick bread. Know what I mean? I like my bread thin. So, when I  heard about Dempster’s Thins I knew I had to try them. Dempster’s Thins have 50 % less calories than Dempster’s leading whole wheat bread and Thins don’t sacrifice any of the taste of great bread.
So I asked my family to build their own sandwiches today and we got a range of ideas.
This is mine:
Avocado with
Salami and Swiss with Garden Fresh Lettuce and Beefsteak Tomatoes. Add a hint of mayonnaise (Hellman’s of course) and a squirt of mustard and warm it up on Dempster’s Thins. Perfection.
My daughters are each unique:
Ainsley’s is specific.
Tomato, Lettuce, Submarine Sandwich Assorted Cold Cuts and Mayonnaise on Dempster’s Thins, Warmed up in the Panini Maker or Sandwich Grill.


This is Ainsley being quiet. That tells you how much she likes this sandwich bread. Please note: she asked for seconds.
Payton’s Thin Sandwich:
Mayonnaise, Ham and Roast Beef on Thins Toasted on the Sandwich maker.
Darling husband:
Well, he’s not fussy. But he likes bread that is healthy and not fattening. So this flat Dempster’s Thins bread is going to be a mad hit here for a long time.
His sandwich:
Tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, mustard, salami and a bit of ham, with Swiss cheese with avocado. 
Sometimes it makes you feel like a short order cook when everyone is asking for something different. It can be a wee bit maddening. But the hushed appreciative quiet calm meal that follows is more than worth the effort.
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