Disney Super Buddies Review

My kids are big fans of the Buddies series of movies from Disney and we are rarely disappointed when a new release arrives in the mail for review. So, the arrival of Disney Super Buddies this past week was met with squeals of joy from the girls. 
We sat down last Saturday night and had family movie night on the long weekend. Family movie night is always a great chance to connect and cuddle and occasionally shut down all the work projects I have on the go. 
Disney Buddies are the cutest little dogs. Santa Buddies, Snow Buddies and Space Buddies were all hits here. Same for Spooky Buddies and Treasure Buddies (I had some adoption language issues regarding Santa Buddies) So we had high hopes for Super Buddies and to be 100 % truthful my kids enjoyed this movie and laughed and were transfixed for 81 minutes. But I was reaching for my laptop and my iPhone early. The plot completely lost me when very odd aliens appeared. It felt a lot like someone jumped the shark at that point for the series and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. My husband had a similar reaction to Super Buddies. We both really enjoyed John Ratzenberger as Grandpa. He was a corny, fun character who made us both a little nostalgic for Cliff of Cheers fame.
It’s an ordinary day at Fernfield Farms. Bartleby is having a birthday and collecting the rings found in his favourite cereal boxes. The super dogs all arrive with their owners for the birthday party and adventure ensues. Each of the dogs come in costumes as their favourite superheroes and when the dogs discover the rings they uncover superpowers. The pups race to the rescue when a super bully appears and threatens earthlings.
But this was a whole family experience so let’s hear from my kids.
Payton: It was cute and there was a plot-twist that I liked. The special effects were cool.
Ainsley: It was really cute. I liked the Buddies and the rings and the aliens were awesome. I loved the aliens actually. Budderball is my favourite. My favourite superpower was speed. Rosebud got speed as her power. One of the dogs could levitate and another could stretch like a rubber band. That was cool because suddenly he played basketball like a professional.
My kid’s rating is $$$$ out of $$$$$.
My rating is $$$ at best.
Disclosure: I received a copy of the movie to facilitate this review. My opinion is very obviously 100 % honest. This was just not my favourite of the Buddies movies. That doesn’t mean it won’t be your favourite.

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