DK Canada Gift Books #TMMGG2013

This will be the final entry in my 2013 Gift Guide.
Looking for the perfect last minute gift for the reader on your list? Or maybe you want a lasting gift for a birthday coming up soon. Look one of these three DK Canada books up fast. Hint: you can click on the linked title below and order immediately from Amazon. 
 James Bond: 50 Years of Movie Postersfor the fan boy in your life. This one goes to my darling husband and I can’t think of a more perfect book frankly. Husband has read, seen and purchased every 007 thing ever produced. This amazing DK Canada keepsake is a timeless hardcover and at $55.00 it’s a significant gift for a significant someone. You won’t regret this. It comes in a heavy duty sleeve to protect the contents within. 
Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel (Dk Superman) is a dynamite encyclopedia for the superhero lover on your list. I know this one is far above the age of a five-year-old, but you haven’t met my nephew. He is a little man on a mission to become Superman. I know he will keep this one for good and for cuddle time with Dad (my brother) so it’s a great and lasting gift of the heart intended to be a lifetime reminder of this Christmas. And I won’t mind a bit if it reminds him of his Aunt. $26.99.
Smithsonian Knowledge Encyclopedia is just the thing for that smarty pants trivia buff you know. Actually each one of these in the trio of books here would be fantastic treasures for your husband, father, or brother. They are stunningly illustrated and really meant to last for life and look good on the bookshelf or coffee table. But this is going straight to my trivia spouting daughter who is a voracious sponge for written material. This gorgeous illustrated colourful compendium of facts that build brainpower, this Smithsonian Knowledge Encyclopedia is brand new and a book I was eagerly waiting for several months ago when I learned it would be published. It doesn’t disappoint. Hours of great reading and learning contained within. $29.99.
I received copies of these products for free to faciliate review. My opinion is all my own. 

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