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Eastern Caribbean Hot Spots – The Best Destinations in the Region #IFWTWA

The eastern Caribbean area is magnetic and stunning. With gorgeous waters, excellent weather, and some of the most beautiful islands you’ll see anywhere around the globe, the eastern Caribbean is a must-see destination for any traveler who wants a solo tropical getaway, girlfriends holiday, BabyMoon, Honeymoon, or a family vacation.


Eastern Caribbean – Home to the Heavy Hitters

Chances are you’re already familiar with this area of the Caribbean. That’s because you’ve probably seen some or all of the islands listed below on travel shows or you’ve read about them before. The eastern Caribbean is home to some of the most famous Caribbean islands. A couple have been immortalized on TV and in Movies. Any of these make amazing vacation destinations for you and the family. They are also superb cruise ports.


US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas

Probably the most well known island in the area is St. Thomas. At just 32 square miles, St. Thomas doesn’t let a limited amount of space detract from days filled with wonderful activities. This island has something for everyone, from white sand beaches to a world renowned golf course, dining, shopping, and more. History minded travellers can even visit the Western Hemisphere’s second oldest synagogue and Fort Christian, built in 1680.

We enjoyed St. Thomas for its gorgeous turquoise waters and activities like Coral World. The snorkelling here, scuba and SNUBA, is world class.

eastern caribbean -Tortola

British Virgin Islands

You’re probably more familiar with these islands than you think, and you can thank Pirates of the Caribbean for that. How so? Well, British Virgin Islands are a collection of over 50 islands and cays, the most famous being Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Tortola. Yep, Tortola. The pirates hang out. We visited Tortola briefly on a cruise back in 2015.

Visitors to the islands can indulge in fine dining, take in the beauty of nature, and explore the historical sites on the island, and they can do it all in a laid back atmosphere that is less hustle and bustle than other islands in the eastern Caribbean.


San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico combines new and old world sensibilities in one amazingly beautiful package. It features amazing beaches, shopping, dining, and night life, and it’s easily accessible, being only a 3 hour flight from big US cities.

Visitors to San Juan can enjoy the dining, night life, and electric atmosphere of New San Juan, the bustling big city of the eastern Caribbean, or they can slow it down and take in the scenic waterfronts, colorful architecture, festive events, and a generally slower pace in Old San Juan.

On the Royal Caribbean cruise we just did in January we visited Old San Juan. Our tour was only one day long but it was super educational and such a gorgeous spot to visit. I will return here for a longer period of time one day soon. Do not miss the Capital Building and the Old San Juan Historic Site. So much history here.

eastern caribbean

St. Maarten/St. Martin

Many people think that these two are just different spellings of the same name, but that is incorrect. In reality, St. Maarten and St. Martin are two separate territories which share the same island. St. Maarten is part of the Netherlands, while St. Martin is part of France. And the influences of each country are seen heavily in their respective territories.

Visitors should absolutely visit both areas to get the most out of one of the most culturally diverse islands in the eastern Caribbean. While gorgeous beaches and geography can be found throughout the island, it’s important to note that visitors can experience VASTLY different architecture, dining, and atmosphere when they visit both St. Maarten and St. Martin.

eastern caribbean


The jewel in the crown of the eastern Caribbean, Nassau boasts miles of white sand beaches, vivid coral reefs, and crystal clear waters. Visitors can enjoy fine dining, shopping, and sight seeing on one of the most posh islands in all of the eastern Caribbean. If you’re a James Bond fan, you can even visit the British Colonial Hotel, used in two Sean Connery bond films.

But if you are visiting this area as a family, the most important spot for you to see is Atlantis. We can’t wait until we return. Waterslides for days!! And that one through the shark tank makes me happy. Plus the lazy river is the BEST Lazy River I have ever doe. Nothing lazy about it.

Eastern Caribbean Destinations You Can’t Miss

The eastern Caribbean is the most beautiful, exciting, and culturally diverse part of the area, and these picks make great travel destinations for families and couples, alike. Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure seeker, the eastern Caribbean has something for you.

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