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Did I really just make this? Delicious Pad Thai? VH sauces inspired me to get creative this week. True story. I am a cautious diner, usually. I stick to a few dishes I like and I experiment on occasion with sauces, so VH delicious sauces seemed just right for me. I was asked to take part in a Collective Bias shopportunity and I jumped at this one because I know VH makes some great new Asian Inspired sauces. Months ago I read about the garlic hoisin sauce on the Yummy Mummy Club and I was excited to try that one. So, as usual, when I shop, I hunt for good prices and this day was no different.

I started a few days ago by checking the VH web site to see which sauces VH offers and then from there I actually comparison shopped as I often do. So I checked the flyers that came to my house and I visited the No Frills near us and found an amazing sale. But I volunteered to shop at Walmart for this Collective Bias job and I left the No Frills, which had VH sauces on sale for a whole $1 cheaper than the President’s Choice versions. I hoped they’d be a good deal at Walmart too. I wasn’t disappointed. And, here’s a little reminder, Walmart price matches so I could easily have taken the flyer price of VH sauces over at No Frills and asked for the same price at Walmart. (I actually witnessed this in action this week as the lady in front of me price matched almost everything.) Tedious shopping that day.

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Here is one thing I love about the VH sauces. The recipes are simple and written right on the bottles. That is excellent for harried shoppers and busy families. I had planned to do this one because I really wanted to try the Garlic Hoisin sauce, but when I got there I found at least eight others I wanted and honestly – impulsive me thought what about Pad Thai? We have never ever eaten Pad Thai. Korean BBQ also sounded great because I love barbecue sauces and it sounded like a cool twist on a typical theme. I debated about plum sauces and really liked the packaging of the soya sauce too, in glass bottles. For more information about the VH sauces check twitter.

On this particular day, because it was a super busy end of summer almost back to school week, I picked the kids up from SARI riding day camp and then popped into the closest Walmart. Walmart isn’t a store I use that often anymore, so it was a treat for me to be there and I discovered that their selection is great. When my babies were little, Walmart was top of my list. I always went there for diapers and wipes and baby clothes. But not so much anymore. Geography also plays a part in where this mama shops. I need my groceries fast and purchased efficiently near my home. At the London North Walmart in Hyde Park, I found everything I needed, including Prime chicken for a stir fry later this week.

Shopping with kids in tow can be a perilous adventure, but when you are crunched for time sometimes it can’t be helped. This was one of those days. My kids are old enough to help a bit in the grocery store, but after a tiring day at camp, one decided she would climb into the shopping cart and see if she still fit and the other pushed her around the store indulging her. Naturally the two of them grabbed a couple of quick easy to reach items and my list grew fast. We added an Old El Paso fajitas kit to the cart, because we ran a campaign here with them last week and the kids LOVED the fajitas. They get a small vote in what we eat some nights. I knew that pad thai would challenge their palates and I expected it would be a bit spicy.
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These were my helpers. My grocery list sometimes grows larger when they come shopping with me – but that’s okay. They found some great products and then before we left we hit the back to school aisles and nabbed a backpack and some markers. Although I hate that summer is over, it’s nice to see them excited about school.
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This Pad Thai recipe was ridiculously easy and it made a ton of food. We had enough for several lunches for my husband this week, and for me too. VH makes #delicioussauces and they made a chef out of me. I was tweeting pictures as I was cooking this recipe up and my followers agreed it looked great.

As an aside: the cashier was an older male at this location named Neville and he was the most polite individual I have ever encountered shopping anywhere. He kindly said hello and made me feel welcome and then before I left said: “I wish you a great day. Thank you so very much for shopping at Walmart.” He also tried to get me to sign up for a credit card, of which I have enough. But honestly I have never met such a polite person in my life. No joke!

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So this amazing Pad Thai recipe is on the bottle of pad thai sauce.
It was: saute chicken in vegetable oil
separately take two eggs and scramble them slightly then add to the chicken,
Add bean sprouts. (I bought the canned VH bean sprouts because they were handy and the stock person told me there weren’t any fresh ones.)
Add 2 green onions chopped.
Stir together and add the VH Delicious Pad Thai sauce.
Cook rice noodles and then drain and add to the entire sauce pan. (Make sure it is a big pan. I had to grab the grand daddy sauce pan we use for holiday cooking here.)

And later this week we get to try garlic hoisin stir fry international flavor because I couldn’t resist.

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