Fisher Price Kid Tough Binoculars: A Review

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I am a huge fan of Fisher Price products and I have been since I was a child. Their brand is one I trust. Their products are durable and safe and affordable and innovative as well. We have the Fisher Price kids digital camera and the Fisher Price Kid Tough MP3 player, dubbed the FP3, has been a great hit for my daughter. We sought this product, the FP3 out when she was very small because she has sensory processing disorder and FASD -fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – and she has always been hypersensitive to auditory input. We found early on that giving her this tool helped her to shut out the other noises in the environment that upset her and could prompt a meltdown. When I saw these new binoculars I knew my little explorer would love them. A couple of weeks ago Fisher Price sent a pair to us and we have been playing with them ever since. I expect they will be a great toy for the spring and summer months here. These binoculars have textured grippers on the sides that are made for little hands. They have cushy grey eyepieces that fit the eye, unlike the hard styles available at most toy and department stores. They magnify things nicely, doubling the size to 2.4 times magnification, and have a safety breakaway cord that pulls apart if your child gets them tangled. I adore these for their ability to nurture scientific and imaginative play. They are retailing for about $15.00 which is extremely affordable and frankly is very environmentally friendly. My kids often buy the cheap dollar store binoculars that fall apart one week after purchase. We have had to throw out two or three pairs of those already. These ones will last and last. In fact Fisher Price makes the kinds of toys that parents pass down to grandchildren and that makes them a thrifty choice too.
The Fisher Price KidTough binoculars get my highest rating: a $$$$$ out of $$$$$.
$15.00 in most popular stores. We received a pair of these from the company for free to review. That in no way impacts my opinion.

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