Five Easy Steps to Personalize Your Twitter Header #DIY

It’s been a few weeks now since twitter changed up its design and some people are still asking how to change their twitter header design, so I thought I would give you a quick lesson. In the interest of prettying up my Twitter stream, here you go:


1. Call up your Twitter home screen.

2. Click on your name – above where it says – view on profile page. (Your name in the left corner of the screen. When you hover over it, the link should be highlighted.) Click on that. Up pops your screen. For some of you there is still wasted real estate behind your Twitter avatar or photo in the centre of the screen. That’s your twitter header. This is prime opportunity for great branding.

3. Click on the little wrench on toolbar at top. It is in between the search field bubble and the blue compose Tweet pen.

4. This leads you to your settings. I click on edit profile and up pops a screen now that says Change header and Change photo.

5. Click change header and then upload a photo from your files. Rifle through all your files and find one that is a horizontal picture that supports your brand or design. You may need to test out a few different options.


Tips: Do not use a photo or logo busy with lettering or sayings. They don’t work as background headers. They are messy and hard to read. Don’t use something completely impersonal either. Your twitter header should reflect your personality or your brand or your business.

There is space underneath, after you upload your photo twitter header, permitting you to paste your web site and a short description. This makes sense and is likely to help direct people to your blog or web site.

Save settings and you are ready.

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