Five Reasons Why It’s Time For BC #IVF4BC #BCPOLI

Five Reasons Why It’s Time For British Columbia to Fund IVF

1. History: BC is the province where the first IVF baby in Canada was born many years ago. It is the province that led the way with in vitro success for Canada; therefore, it’s only fitting and logical BC should be the western province to lead by funding in vitro fertilization.

2. The Numbers: A study released in British Columbia recently stated that 73 % of all residents in B.C. think there should be public funding for IVF. The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) released the survey which clearly indicates that three-quarters of the province thinks help should be available and that the province should adopt a policy similar to Quebec’s. If almost three quarters of the tax paying public wants an issue to be supported by tax money, then the people who make the policy and the rules should take note if they want to keep their jobs.

3. Money saved. The BC government can save $78 million over five years by funding IVF, single embryo transfer means fewer risky multiple births and savings in health care costs.

4. For Women a family friendly province with a female premier. Christy Clark needs to take this on. It’s smart policy. It’s one thing a female premier should be eager to do in an effort to help families. Women who have risen to such a position in politics, or business or any other field too often neglect to build a better world for other women and their families. It isn’t negotiable or optional, it’s the right thing to do.

5. BC is a thought-leaderHave you ever been to BC? It’s stunning. From the mountains to the ocean, to the amazing natural surroundings and the incredible people, British Columbia is a thought leader and a province unlike any other in Canada. If you have been there, you know it is breath-taking. I have visited BC a few times for conferences for parents with children who have special needs. I travel from my home province of Ontario simply because nobody else in Canada is doing special needs policy better than B.C. Nobody, in Canada, seems to have a stronger sense of health care, education and family and the ways in which all of those must intersect to support those who need help now and to build future generations. BC does a lot of things extremely well. Building Families through funded IVF should be a legacy.

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  • Ashley R

    Interesting and thoughtful stuff! I may end up needing IVF and I’m thankful here in the US with my insurance at least 50% is paid for. I hope BC comes to their senses!

  • Leila Kennedy

    You learn something new every day. I am not knowledgeable about the information so I can’t say much. I would hope any government would not fully fund something like this (there are plenty of kids in the system that need love and families), but I would be inclined to see insurances help pick up the slack a bit more since it is so expensive.


    I don’t know much about Canada health care, but you would think with such an important issue, you’d think they would cover IVF! They should. For so many that is the only way some can have a family.