Fun Wine Word Search Game

Enjoy this wine word search this week when you have a spare moment.

By now, you all know that word searches and word games make me happy as a clam. This stems from all the time that I spent in the hospital with Crohn’s disease as a kid. People would always bring gifts of crossword puzzle books and word search games.

The Gift of Words

Those were amazing ways to pass the time when sitting there in the hospital unable to get out, go shopping or even go to school. Those word games helped fill the hours. Of course, I also did a lot of writing while on the inside. LOL. Waiting for X-rays and treatments can be super tedious. So, I pretty much always had a word search booklet and a pencil with me.

These days, I do a lot less of that kind of thing because I am busy writing and running a business (shameless plug for Thrifty Mom Media content creation here… for more information.)

When I am not working, I enjoy skiing and also exploring new recipes and new wine pairings too. I have a lot to learn about wine and wine pairings, so I continue to search for that information and read what I can to help build that knowledge.

Wine For the Win

Wine is a topic that I am always interested in learning more about. It’s a current passion. Sometimes I feel like I wish I had a pocket win expert on hand routinely when I travel.

While we have not been travelling, many of us have been appreciating wine during the pandemic, occasionally while also watching Hallmark Christmas movies. LOL.

So, I figured that a wine word search was fitting.

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How to Print This Word Search

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If you use this, please come back and let me know.

What’s your favourite: red or white?

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