Cheery Christmas Wall Art to Frame or Post in Windows

So, you know how we began this horrible pandemic?

After railing against the unfairness of the entire situation, channelling a bit of depression and anger, we started looking to our neighbourhoods for cheer and inspiration. This was the year that I spied all of the little local nooks and trails and messages of hope in windows.

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Those cute hands on school science projects were amazing opportunities for me to learn, apply and retain the information. Sometimes that is all it takes to make those lessons memorable. Later on, we went on to have frogs and fish and even a turtle as a childhood pet. Watching them grow and learning about how to take care of each one was a great opportunity for everyone. Eventually we got a cat and fish plus cats, well we all know how that goes, right?

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What is in this Booklet?

Getting a Smile

That made me happy. It also helped us to resolve to do our own part to add to the cheery atmosphere of our own little corner of the world. We began by adding colourful pictures and seasonal colouring pages to the windows of our home. That was as much about giving us something happy to look at as it was about watching the cheerful smiles of grandparents out walking their grandchildren and little ones stopping to stare at the window art.

I loved it when I was working in my office and I’d spy small children and parents stopping on the sidewalk to wave. Then in the summer, if I was out on the porch, they’d holler: “We love your art!” Honestly, a few days that was enough to just brighten my day.

Finding Winter Light

So, with that in mind, when they announced second lockdown, I was again distraught and mad as heck. I mean who is not following rules at this point? We have lost a lot this year. It is ridiculous and sad that some still don’t get it and others are having to say good bye to loved ones without even having the chance to be there by their bedside. I’d rather nobody that I know get this awful Coronavirus before they get the vaccine.

So, again, I am mad. But, I am also a Mom, so I can express that and then put it away and move on, which is where I am currently at right now.

And then I thought to myself how can we turn this around a bit to recreate some cheer and joy.

Christmas Wall Art

This Christmas wall art is part of my process. It should be no great surprise by now that my family is nothing if not creative. We often do crafts and other creative things here. My oldest girl is always creating something artistic and I am always writing. Ainsley prefers puzzles.

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Here’s How to Print This Printable Christmas Wall Art

Just click this link below to download and print it out. You can either add a frame and put it on your wall with command strips, or simply post them in your windows with Elmer’s sticky tack.

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