Get this Fun Free Winter Activity Book for Kids Now!

This cute Winter Activity Book for Kids will keep your kids busy for a few hours or maybe even a few days, if you work on it once a day for an hour or less.

Right now, for me, and my family, it’s all about the waiting. Waiting for Fall to turn to Winter. Oh, I know many people love Fall, but it’s not for me really. Fall is basically me working out and waiting for ski season. So, I look for ways to stay busy and fit all fall long.

Where I want to be any time now…

Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter is right around the corner and actually it is my favourite season. Well, winter and summer tie most years, but skiing, well that’s my happy place.

So, that alone is worth celebrating and anticipating. This year, of course, none of the seasons are quite as expected. But, we can still have fun, right?

Help Kids Get Into Winter

This fun winter activity book is perfect for kids. There are numerous simple math games inside, along with a matching game or two. As you can see below, this winter activity book also has some shadow matching games for kids. This book is clearly for the younger set of children, ages 3-7.

Shadow matching helps kids to analyze the shapes of objects, which is actually a necessary tool for kids as they learn to identify numbers and letters too. This skill is often called visual discrimination.

Winter Activity Book

This season, I am mostly hoping to stay healthy. I mean that’s the goal for most of us right now. But, beyond that I am of course looking forward to all the winter sports again. Skiing and skating and tobogganing, maybe a little tubing too. I feel like there’s no reason I can’t manage these outdoor winter sports with social distancing in mind and in place.

Count the marshmallows inside the cups and match with the number

Recognizing numbers and letters is crucial for kids starting school and embracing on early literacy.

Months from now, I hope we are all patting ourselves on the back telling stories of how we survived this pandemic. In the mean time, stay well and be safe and enjoy a few easy indoor activities for families.

Winter Word Searches are also another way to stay busy and have fun!

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Stay warm and well!

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