Welcome Winter Colouring Page

Do you love winter or hate winter? There are pretty much two camps on that. Some people can’t stand the cold and the relentless snow. Others, like me, can’t get enough of the snow. Bring it on. The more snow the more skiing and skating and outdoor snow sports. And that makes me happy.

This season, I thought I’d share a fun welcome winter colouring page. Over the last year I shared all the seasons as colouring pages. The year before that,  it was the Months of the Year colouring pages. I shared one every month for all of the year 2018. They are not dated by year, so it’s totally usable any time.

There are many more printables and free activities on my Pinterest Free Printables Board.


If you enjoy printable activities, there are many here on my site. Also this one is the most downloaded of all my Christmas printables. – > Christmas Crossword Puzzle. If you are still in need of Christmas tags for your presents I have a lot of different Christmas gift tag styles here too.

(These printables are offered to you at no cost. Many people have been stealing them and reprinting my entire posts on their sites this year. Please do not do that or I will have to stop sharing these. Also that’s against copyright law.)

Download via the following link. Don’t forget to read the above post:

Winterize Your Home and Life and Stay Warm this season!  


Do you love winter?

What’s one of your favourite winter things to do? Are you a homebody or an outdoor enthusiast? Leave me a comment to let me know where you stand.

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