Healthy Resolutions and a Twitter Party #drheather

Well, this month, with the theme of fresh starts and a brand new shiny year stretched out before us I am happy to announce my first ever twitter party. I hope this will be a regular feature for thriftymommedia, so join us for information and to win some of the great prizes we have available. Join us Thursday at 1 p.m. (that’s this week. the 6th) for a twitter party with @drheathernd, a naturopathic doctor and author of the very cool, educational and engaging Human Body Detectives series and myself @inkscrblr. Dr. Heather will take questions about your child’s health and maintaining a natural approach to health care and nutrition. Also, we will chat about her children’s book series Human Body Detectives.

 I found Dr. Heather a few months ago through twitter and her various other social media sites and was captivated by the drawings in her HBD series. I love that she is a parent, doctor and author. Her audio books and  workbooks are lovely, educational and really interactive. There are stickers, crosswords and mysteries to solve. All of these activities make children proactive in their own health and nutrition. HBD gives children the knowledge and the power to make the right choices. Also the body information and humour appeals to kids. What kid doesn’t want to know more about snot and germs?

This past month, my kids and I have been reviewing the Human Body Detectives series from Heather Manley. ( We received a workbook and audio CD for in the van We had the CD for only one day when my kids, aged six and nine, were smartly using terms like leukocytes in conversation. I love that! See full review over here at

The Human Body Detectives series is a beautifully illustrated journey into the human body that promotes children taking an active part in their own health. Think part Magic School Bus and part Magic Tree House. Main characters Merrin and Pearl find adventures everywhere and, in the process, they learn a lot about biology, how the body works, science, food and how the whole system works together.

This Thursday, Jan. 6th join us at 1 p.m. -2 p.m. for a chance to win one of four great prizes. We will be chatting about health and wellness, healthy eating, science and encouraging literacy in children. Bring your health related questions and don’t forget to follow both of us on twitter to be eligible to win prizes.

For those who join: use hashtag #drheather to send us your questions, comments and thoughts on January 6th at 1 p.m. EST.

To get started and follow others (Also leave us a question and we will try to answer it during the party.)
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