Wordless Wednesday and Strange Signs

For several years now my kids have been at the same school. In fact they may have been there collectively for close to a decade and you know journalists, well, we don’t miss much. Truly. Trained observers. Yup. So today when I spied this sign on the outer wall of the school, near the door we walk in every day I was  not surprised. Nope, because, as I mentioned I am a trained observer. Eagle eyes, they call me. Well, not to my face. Because that would be overkill. Anyways today I read the fine print and doubled over laughing. Huge guffaws. SNORT! See the line about horseback riding on school property.

Because, you know, this is how my child gets to school every day.

Sometimes she actually rides the horse to school. It’s true. How else to explain why we are late most days.
Rule breakers. Rebels, trespassers. That’s us. Now if I was killer funny like my new idol Naked American Kerry, over at @HouseTalkN I would actually have hopped on a horse in front of the sign and rode it around the school waiting to see what happened. But I will leave that to her and @The Bloggess. Maybe some day I will be brave like them. Or clever, like @chickymara. Until then I am, you know, a trained observer. Like a ninja. But with eagle eyes. Yup. Nothing gets by me.
By now you know this is a wordless wednesday post. You should know too that I am rarely wordless. In fact worded or wordy wednesday more appropriate for me. Go visit Tara
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