Valentine’s Day Joke Cards – Breakfast Theme Printable

Will you be my Valentine? There are so many sweet and funny ways to say Will You Be My Valentine. I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable Valentine’s Day Joke Cards. They are super sweet and if you are hunting for a fun note to stick in your child’s lunch, or an inexpensive printable Valentine’s Card then you’ve found it.


Easy to print these cute Valentine’s Day Joke Cards out. Just click on the Funny Valentines PDF link below and print. Please do not reprint on a web site. These are protected by copyright. But you can print them out and use them for your family or just for fun this Valentine’s Day. Also FYI I have several other cute Valentine’s ideas and gifts and Valentine’s crafts too. Check my Pinterest Valentine’s Day board for more.



Happy Valentine’s Day! Do your kids still give out Valentine’s Day cards? Is it one of their favourite special days? Mine have slowly stopped doing that. They are teens now. But I still love a good pun and I might print these off and send them in the lunches. Every now and then even teens love this kind of surprise reminder that parents care.

My FREE Printables board on Pinterest features all kinds of great Kid’s Valentine’s Day colouring pages, word games and word searches, as well as crafts. This Valentine’s Day Joke Cards printable will be pinned there so you can find it again another year if you want.

Almost three years ago I started running word searches here too. They seem to do pretty well so here’s a little throwback to that first ever free word search which was of course Valentine’s Day themed.

Valentine’s Day Joke Cards

How will you spend Valentine’s Day? Do you have plans?

Funny Valentines


Hope you have a loving and kind Valentine’s Day with a hint of romance too. 

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  • Jeanene Conley

    Thank you so much for the “punny” brunch Valentine’s cards!!! They are perfect for my family — we have a particular fondness for both puns & breakfast foods, lol! Whoever thought of these has my admiration and gratitude. 😀