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My kids are already falling asleep dreaming of sugarplums. It doesn’t take much, just the hint that December is around the corner. They are happily crafting their Santa lists, jumping around the house excitedly peeking through the window each morning to check for snow and joyously asking how many more days while ticking each number off on the kitchen calendar. Christmas is a great time for kids at our house, and it should be for children everywhere, but that’s not always the case. 
Teaching children to share is a lifelong journey. When my guys were wee ones, well we would of course seek out opportunities to encourage turn-taking and remind each one they needed to think of others. But words can sometimes just fall on ears that are closed to hearing things that Moms and Dads have to say. So what’s a parent to do? Well this is where that old writer’s caveat, show don’t tell, comes in handy. Demonstrating compassion and living compassionately goes a long way towards building empathetic children.
 Ever since my children were toddlers, we have maintained a tradition here that I love. Every year we encourage the girls to pick names from the Angel Tree at the mall, or at the dojo where they do martial arts and then we go shopping and bring the toy in to go to one specific child. Tonight, my girls came home with two names again. They get to choose the age, name and gender of the child in question. So this year we will practice sharing and gifting a toy to someone who needs toys more than we do right now. I love that my kids are taking such pleasure in choosing the name of the child they want to buy for, and I really enjoy seeing how much ownership they have taken over the entire process this year. Both came home from martial arts tonight thrilled with their choices – a newborn baby girl and a 13-year-old girl. 
I have no idea what we will choose for either child, but I know we’ll have fun shopping for each gift and then the kids will be so proud taking them in to the place where they collect them at martial arts. 
This year we have been fortunate enough to be a Kinder family again for the third year. My kids have enjoyed a lot of the great new toys for 2013 over the last few weeks. Just this past weekend we had a Kindersurprise and opened up a spiral art toy. That was fun for all of us and brought back many memories of my own Christmases. We love getting a preview of all the adorable Kindersurprise special edition Christmas toys and packages. Two years ago we bought the Kinder Advent Calendars, chock full of chocolate in various sizes and a few toys too. This year we got one of these fun giant eggs and a pile of the delicious bite-sized morsels of perfection mini eggs. (Those were my favorites.) 
For the last two years I have been honored to tell my readers about the Joy To Share campaign from Kindersurprise.
This time of year KinderCanada supports The Children’s Miracle Network. In support of the season and the great charity known as Children’s Miracle Network, Kinder Canada is giving away 7,500 vouchers for a free bag of mini eggs. Unlike the other Kinder products, mini eggs aren’t truly nut free because they have a hazelnut centre. I shared these with my kids, but the nut free big eggs are the ones I share freely with my niece and nephew who have peanut allergies, because the regular Kinder products are completely nut free. 
Anyways starting today when you visit Facebook at 12 noon EST you can win a free voucher for a bag of the mini eggs. This is exclusive to Kinder’s Facebook community and started Nov. 26th. The voucher freebie  runs out when the vouchers do, so don’t forget to pop by Facebook and get yours at Noon EST
More importantly visit Facebook and share the video testimonial of a family Children’s Miracle Network helped. Every time you share the KinderCanada Martin Family Children’s Miracle Network video Kinder will donate $1 to the amazing and worthy charity. So get sharing! And Happy Holidays!
How do you encourage your children to share?
 Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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