Missy Mila: Twisted Tales DVD Review

 Missy Mila reminds me more than a bit of my little hurricane child here. Not to single anyone out at my house, but I called my one child a two foot tornado for a couple of years and now it’s more like a four foot tornado. Mila is a cute quirky little kid, of 8, who likes to tell stories and has bouncy pigtails. She is a bit of a tomboy and has a hedgehog who is a wee bit silly and a mischief maker. Mila tells sweet little stories with a lesson, fables, I suppose with a hint of a moral story. Each story ties in to something she has been doing in her life and simultaneously allows her to procrastinate what she is supposed to be doing. She especially likes to retell classic stories. Some of her stories take her around the world.

I even have a picture of my Ainsley looking like this when she was a baby. But we didn’t draw whiskers on our babies here, or did we?
Mila is supposed to be cleaning her room, for instance, when her funny little hedgehog takes advantage of her nap to run amok and draw whiskers all over her face. That turns into a fable about laziness and how a narcissistic barnyard pig gets tricked out of her lazy attitude.
There are 13 episodes on this volume two of Missy Mila and each one is very cute. I enjoy the quirky nature of Mila and her supporting cast. This hedgehog Prince Gabo is adorable and the object of one tale in which Mila grumps that all her friends only come to see her because of her hedgehog. The 13 episodes last 101 minutes and are told in English. This series originates in France. I enjoyed the characters here and the different stories are a lovely way to reinforce some values you are probably already teaching at home.
I would use this for ages four and up, but five and up would get more out of it. Mila is eight and therefore some eight year old’s might be able to relate to this series. Mine loved it and I think she likes seeing girls who are a bit fearless represented on DVD. The DVD is PlanetNemo, by Organa. For more information visit You can order directly from the web site.
I give this one a $$$$ out of $$$$$.

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