Cooking With Kids Linky and Key Lime Pie

Hello lovely readers! It is the Thursday before Easter and I wanted to share with you another installment of our Cooking With Kids Feature. Now I want to assure you that, we often cook from scratch, but with kids when patience and time can clearly be at issue, well if the aim is spending time together and bonding and enjoying making something in the kitchen, sometimes it is simpler to use things that stack the deck in your favour. So for instance this week with my youngest, an easily frustrated child, who has never made a pie before, well I wanted to be reasonably sure we could make this recipe work. So we started with ready made pie crust. Easy peasy. You can buy them at a
ny grocery store for $2. We snagged a great little Shirriff Key Lime pie kit this week and since my older daughter and I have had success with the other pie kits from Shirriff, well I thought this was a good option for us.

Shirriff key lime pie box.

Two eggs. Separate the egg white and yolk. Follow the instructions on the package. Beat egg yolks lightly, add the water as noted on the box and add the contents of the box stirring all the time until mixture thickens (it should look same consistency as lemon meringue)

Let the mixture chill for five minutes and pour into pie shell. You can bake the pie shell for five minutes before placing filling in if you wish. I found that actually caused pie shell to begin to crumble.

Chill the pie in your fridge and top with whip cream. Serve. Oh this was so good! Now tell me what kinds of things do you bake or cook with your kids?

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