Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster: Must Have Toy for Summer

Pool toys are some of my favourites. We tend to use a lot of them when kids come for a swim and they frequently need to be refreshed. So I was happy when we got hold of this Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster to test drive here for a bit of fun.



As weekends go this last two have been pretty close to perfect. Our pool is open and weather has been finally warm enough to make the water refreshing and inviting. We are rapidly getting accustomed to summer life in our new house and our new neighbourhood and frankly the pool won’t lose its novelty anytime soon.

Today we spent most of the day in the pool, barely getting out for meals. Yesterday I went out to buy groceries and came back to what sounded like an army of children in the pool.

FUN in the Pool

My girls were having a blast apparently without me, chasing each other with the Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster. I love that the Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster looks like a bow and arrow and not a water gun. When I spied it at Toys R Us weeks ago I had to restrain myself from buying it. As you already might know, we are big fans of The Hunger Games and the Nerf Rebelle toys. At the time there was still snow on the ground and we had a lot of furniture to buy still. So we weren’t buying any toys then.


The Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster works like a bow and arrow, but it shoots a steady stream of water. The Nerf Dolphina holds 25 fluid ounces of water and is easy to fill. It’s perfect for ages six and up and my tweens love it, as do I. Today we all had a chance to be targets on the deck and in the pool. We made it rain with the Dolphina and we took aim at the diving board, the fence and a few birds flying over the pool.

Just The Nerf Facts

I love the Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster as much as the kids do. It brings out the kid in every girl or Mom. It sells for about $16.99 and would be a great birthday present for any girl on your summer birthday list. I know what I would buy first for any summer event or party. The Dolphina Bow makes me happy and it passed our durability tests here as well. The Nerf Dolphina Bow Blaster is made by Hasbro.

We received this product for consideration here on the blog. My opinion is all my own.

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