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New Family Friendly Titles COMING SOON From XBOX One #X16CA

Recently we were invited to the XBOX One Media Showcase in Toronto’s Distillery District. It was the second year I attended and spent some time getting to know which new family friendly XBOX One games are coming soon. There are a few surefire hits on the way to stores soon. You’ll want to put them on your list for the holidays if not before.


This year as always there were dozens of exciting new games at the XBOX One Media Showcase. From the Minecraft games set up inside the showcase room to the thrill seeking extreme winter sports game Steep, which is one of my new favourites, XBOX One delivers just in time for the holidays.


The XBOX One Media Showcase was a free event open to media and gamers. There were a few other games I was interested in, but they were definitely not ones I’d share with my kids. This year the girls came with me because the showcase was the last week of summer holidays and it was as fun for them as it was for me.

XBOX ONE Design Lab:

Oh and by the way the new wireless controllers for XBOX One gaming systems can be personalized – from the buttons to the controller colour and more – you can even have yours engraved as a present for someone this year. I like that option. Engrave it with your child’s gaming handle.


Here are our favourite XBOX One games: Many are coming soon.


  1. Steep: This is my favourite and I think the kids would agree. You start off as an extreme winter sports enthusiast and you ski, snowboard or glide in a gliding suit or a wing suit. This is one game by Ubisoft we didn’t want to stop playing. The ski runs are awesome and you can pick some seriously authentic looking hills in the Alps or Alaska somewhere and then try not to crash. You can carve your own path and enjoy the game on your own or pop in on other players. This one is out December 2. I will look for it because we all loved it. Also available for Playstation 4 and PC. You can pre-order via the links below. Put this on your Christmas list. Your XBOX loving gamer friends and relatives will be flying high when they open this present.

2. Cuphead – Just a fun game to play. Run and gun. Has a nostalgic feel to it due to the way the characters have been drawn like 1930s cartoon characters. They will remind you of Steamboat Willie due to the style of drawing. It’s a blend of 1930s animations and current gaming techniques. Hotly anticipated last year…still unsure of the release date here but it’s expected to be soon.

3. DragonBall Xenoverse 2 – This was stationed near the door and after a bit of cajoling I had my daughter Payton, the anime lover, try it out. She was a bit under the weather the day we attended and missed a few of the early games we played. But she loved DragonBall Xenoverse 2 and perked right up. Choosing your character first of all was a lot of fun for my kids. Getting to know what each  character’s skill set is will take a bit of time. This  battle game had a slight Pokemon feel to it, but was a bit more grown up. The anime characters are impressive and the battles are a lot of fun, with opportunity to improve in battle the more you practice.


4. Flinthook – The 12-year-old enjoyed playing this and I can’t blame her. Flinthook is a space quest adventure game that reminded her a little bit of Mario, in her words. Flinthook centres on a main character who is part skeleton and part space bandit. Space Captain Flinthook is armed with his hookshot and trusty plasma pistol and he’s out to plunder and collect space loot from pirate ships. This is from Tribute Games and is not expected to be out until 2017. I would expect it to be rated E for everyone. There’s nothing violent here to worry about. Flinthook is just a fun adventure game I could see us playing often.

5. Recore – This one reminded me of Tomb Raider a bit. I’d have no issue letting my teen play this as the main character is a hard core female with skills. My girls like that. It’s a bit too advanced for my tween though. Recore is out now and I have seen it advertised on sale at Best Buy this week. Recore is rated teen. Main character Joule is one of the last remaining humans. She collects battle Corebots and then races into battle to defeat robotic foes. From Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. Rated teen.



There are several XBOX One Games hitting the market soon. Be sure to check the rating before you buy one for your family. This post contains some affiliate links to help you find the games mentioned here.

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