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Office Chairs That Work #InkscrblrATWork

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Office Chairs
This is the second post in a series about decorating my new home office. Thrifty Mom Media headquarters is now almost 100 % complete. I have maybe two more things to hang on the walls and I am still hunting madly for some drapes that are the right size and colour. Then it will be complete and all will be right with the world.
The final office space
Office Chairs
BEFORE Office Chairs – now resides in my daughter’s room
I have been a freelancer for several years and so I have worked at home in one capacity or another for easily 13 years now. Until very recently I paid very little attention to my furnishings or my office space. But this year we moved to a home with space for a beautiful home office. It is the room where I spend easily eight hours of most days of the week. It needs to be appealing to the eyes, and it must be a welcoming space for any of my guests, clients or business partners. It also needs to be functional for me. This is part two of my home office decorating story. Part one of this transformation is here: Home Office Transformation.
About 10 years ago my husband bought me an office chair. It worked just fine for my purposes. It was a Christmas present and a welcome gift. For a short period of time my home office was in a spare bedroom of our apartment. Then it was in a spare bedroom in our first home and then we adopted two little girls and well, all the bedrooms were being used as bedrooms. I didn’t mind that one bit because our hearts were full and so was our home. It was an extremely happy time for our family. My old chair followed us to our new home. It still has an adjustable seat and adjustable arms, but it isn’t extremely comfortable. And let’s face it, the original office chair no longer looked good in the new office space for Thrifty Mom Media. So I was on the hunt for new office chairs that matched my new office space. Luckily I found many gorgeous office chairs at Lovers At Work Office Furniture. Believe me when I say I had NO IDEA how pricey office chairs could be. I tweeted that one day. I had sticker shock as I was hunting for my chair. I heard back from several of my followers who said this: “Yes, but good office chairs are well worth the money.”
Point taken. So I shifted my thinking and made sure my budget was clear. I saw some office chairs at $1000. That was way more than I wanted to spend. I hoped for something that matched and I wanted to spend less than $500. As you might recall, after a whole lot of shopping for office furniture I found what I needed at Lovers At Work in London, on Adelaide Street. The new chair is by Tayco. It has a customized green seat that matches my credenza and my accent colours in the room. The chair has adjustable arms and back and seat and numerous options to make it just right for me. It’s the Lily Mesh back with ergonomic design and lumbar support. It’s a lovely addition to my home office and it was the right price for me. The mesh back breathes and the chair is made with all major parts being recyclable. So my new chair is easier on the environment in the long run.
The after picture
What do you think?
I liked the ability to change the colour of the seat to match my office space. I also loved that this one meets my needs – I need maximum lumbar support. My back is my weak area and it absorbs a lot of strain throughout the day. This Tayco chair works and is the right price.

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