Old Navy 40 % Off #ONKidtacular Spring Sale

I have a brand new baby nephew! That’s right, more excuses to shop. Luckily, Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale has a killer Baby and Kid sale on right now. How cute is this? Old Navy styles prove that boys can be dressed every bit as well as their big or little sisters. And, even more importantly, Old Navy isn’t hard on the budget at all. That’s why we love their stores at

It’s starting to look a bit like Spring might be right around the corner here in Ontario. The days are getting sunnier. And babies are popping up all over the place. My new nephew was born this week and even the Guinea Pigs here at our house have again shocked us with another baby. (But that’s another story) I love Spring shopping and can’t wait to do some retail therapy soon myself. I need a few key pieces in lovely light shades that make up for a dreary, dark, cold winter.
This fall and winter my girls grew a lot. My youngest daughter’s jeans all have holes in the knees because she slides into home randomly everywhere she goes. In fact she rarely walks, but runs and then skids across floors on her knees. I think she has random imaginary baseball games in her imagination. Anyways her clothes are worn out, and even if they weren’t that little monkey grew like two inches. Crazy times!! All her pants are now in the flood zone. 
I got a preview of the Old Navy Canada Kids and Baby sale last week and have been eager to share, especially because the sale is 40 % off everything in stores and on line until February 20. Cute dresses, graphic and character Tees are already hits everywhere regardless of age. I can imagine all sorts of fun baby prints for my new nephew and is there anything in the world more fun than shopping for a newborn? I am also going to enjoy spending my wages on a new wardrobe for the girls. My gals keep growing and Spring is as good a reason as any to update their looks. I love the adorable pastels, plus the yellows and greens are so perfect for Easter. Once in awhile we take that occasion to share clothing as presents, cutting down on the chocolate and sweets too.

See that little green dress with the ruffles and the denim jean jacket? It’s perfect for Ainsley, 8. She’s my quirky athletic girl who, every so often likes to throw in a splash of feminine colour or a cute dress just to keep us all on our toes.

My tween would love that navy sweater in the middle, or the cute graphic TEE with dog in bow tie. And, she’s the one who needs a brand new outfit for an audition to sing the national anthem at a local event here. I like the fresh denims, because they are not yet worn out, like the ones in both my daughter’s closets after a messy winter.
There are few prints I covet more on little people than polkadots and stripes. For some reason fresh stripes on babies and toddlers make me happy. I mean really kids can get away with horizontal stripes and look incredible, so why not? 

                             Mom, Mom, Mom….Phineas and Ferb are on a T-shirt again!!

I can’t get enough of Candace and may not be able to resist this Perry The Platypus character Tee. Love  that Phineas and Ferb. My older nephew will probably love the Superhero T-shirt.

My girls already have a couple of these exact T-shirts. I mean who can resist Superman Logo?

Wait until daughter number two spies the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Tee. Can you spell Obsessed with Greg Heffley and his crazy diaries? That’s my girl. She carries that book with her everywhere.
Spring, plus new nephew equals shopping time for me here. And 40 % off everything equals excellent savings for all. 

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Spring, plus new nephew equals shopping time for me here. And 40 % off everything equals excellent savings for all. Don’t forget to share your deals if you get any this weekend at Old Navy.
They are on twitter at @OldNavyCa and #Onkidtacular is the hashtag for the sale. Happy Shopping!
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