One finger salute to H1N1 and Pneumonia and the Car Dude

You could probably say it’s been a really sucky week at the Schuck house. In fact, I’ll go one step further I think we’ve redefined the sucky week here at my house. You know your week is sucky if you are finally getting over the H1N1 and feeling better slowly and then doofus driver guy pulls a U-turn from the righthand side of your vehicle, swerving directly in front of your van so that you jam brakes on and slam into doofus. You know your week is sucky if you spent a whole day getting lovely insurance crap worked out and rental vehicle in place. And you know it’s even suckier if you had to drag both of your children to police reporting centre on their PD Day. (Now that’s fun, sister!) Your week might also be sucky if you had no appetite for one whole week and and missed workouts, work, important assignments, meetings and appointments  – in general all those things that usually make your week go tickety boo. And then you begin to feel better and your child even stops coughing all over you and is actually back to school, but you wake up and think Hey I shouldn’t really sound like a walrus being beaten by an ornery seal if I am getting better. Your day might also be sucky if you then haul your butt down to the family relief doctor’s clinic where you put on one of those horribly claustrophobic little masks and witness another patient almost come to blows with a person who refuses to put a mask on. (Said patient coughed all over the waiting room and denied coughing angrily.) And your day might also be sucky if the doctor then says “Yes, you have Pneumonia. Take this and go back home to bed. Then wake up tomorrow and go get xrays.” So, in honour this week of all that is sucky I give you H1N1 and Pneumonia and Car Dude a big one finger salute.

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  • Skees

    You definitely had a sucky week. I know what you mean about those mask at the doctor’s office. I had to wear one the other day and try to get R to wear one just to drop off papers.


  • Cyn

    I got really angry the other day at Loblaws. A woman was CLEARLY ill – she was coughing and hacking all over the place and told us that she was running a fever. She didn’t do the coughing into her elbow…nope she did it into her hand, then put the same germ ridden hand onto the poor sales clerk’s bare arm and when we were all appalled by this she claimed that “there was no way she was contagious so what was everyone freaking out about”…sigh…some people!