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Parc Omega is a Wild Family Travel Adventure #Outaouaisfun

This July we had a wild family adventure at Parc Omega in the Outaouais Region of Quebec. There are probably a lot of jokes to be made here about wildlife and family for instance. And I am not above cracking wise on occasion but this adventure was enjoyable from start to finish and it was a highlight of our family trip to Quebec. No jokes or puns needed. Just pure education and fun and memories made together at Parc Omega.

The best part of travel writing and blogging is sharing adventures with my family and creating memories. We began our family trip this year in Gatineau Park and spent a couple of nights in the city of Gatineau, fourth largest city in the province of Quebec. We had one of our greatest adventures ever zip lining at Arbraska Lafleche in Val-des-Monts and then we headed North towards Montebello. But first Parc Omega.


I had heard great things about this adventure travel destination and we were all excited to visit and see the park for ourselves. Something about seeing animals up close makes everyone feel young again. What child does not love a wildlife adventure?


Parc Omega was easy to spot from the road to Montebello and signage is abundant. Thankfully the lineup of cars and vans waiting to get in moved fast. We listened for directions. Where bears are involved we want our children to have a healthy respect for how you behave. We also wanted to be sure everyone was safe. Rules are clear. Signs are everywhere telling you where you can park and get out to stroll around and where you should simply observe from the car or van.

[tweetthis]Traveller tip – stop at Park House to buy a bag of carrots for the animals in Parc Omega #Outaouaisfun #travel[/tweetthis]


You know how some wildlife parks have you ride through the grounds in your van or car and you worry about monkeys or other climbing animals doing damage to your vehicle? This is not that place. Parc Omega has North American and European animals, flora and fauna only and it is a very fluid flow to the entire atmosphere. The grounds are really well kept and spacious and all of the enclosures are integrated into the natural landscape. The wapitis greet you as soon as you drive in. But they are gentle and the worst you can rally expect from them is slobber on your windows as you feed them carrots.


One of my favourite Parc Omega features was the fact that they have their own radio broadcast. As soon as and you enter you get a map with instructions on where to tune in on Parc Radio. 90.1 or 88.1 depending on which language you wish to listen in. The taped radio show is informational and useful. I enjoy that passive learning that gives children a chance to grow their little brains while not realizing they are being taught.


I was unsure of how much time to allocate for Parc Omega and expected we’d fill a few hours exploring. But we didn’t really want to leave and with 2,200 acres of wildlife and hiking paths to explore we could have spent 6-8 hours easily. In the end we stayed a good 4-5 hours. We saw bison, elk, wapitis, ibex, moose, deer, wild boars, foxes, timberwolves, musk oxen, coyotes, goats, bears and more. We watched two short shows so we could learn more about Parc Omega.


We were a bit surprised to learn that there are numerous rescued animals and birds like racoons, owls, hawks and turtles that had broken wings or busted shells, even broken limbs or limbs that were missing. That made us like Parc Omega even more. After the raptors and rescued animals show we took a short walk to the show featuring the timberwolves. That was a huge hit. We arrived well before the show started and when there was nobody else around we climbed the lookout area where you are allowed to observe the wolf pack. I was concerned we might not see any wolves being active. It was a hot and muggy day, but we spied about seven before the crowd showed up and the area got really busy. There were also many wolf pups which were adorable.


There are many things I admired about Parc Omega, but another one is the design of the space. It is simply brilliant. Everything is built with natural materials. The wood structures make the space look like it is completely harmonious with the property and the animals themselves.


Where there is opportunity to climb an observation lookout structure, do so because it often puts you at eye level with the animals, which is amazing. The kids loved that. You are not looking in through cages or barriers, but inside the environment itself watching from a safe space.


After the shows, we took a hike through the forest to the other side, which is clearly marked as a petting zoo kind of area.


My daughter found a kitten inside the barn. I was a bit concerned she’d try to sneak it home. There were also many kids (baby goats) which were sweet as could be. There are horses and also a beautiful garden past the barn.


[tweetthis]Travel tip – wear good walking shoes to Parc Omega. There is a lot of hiking. #travel[/tweetthis]

This is the point where I need to mention that there is also a wagon ride to get to the petting zoo area. But we like to exercise and keep the kids moving, so we walked as many places as possible.

I made a friend.

Back to the van for the last couple of areas in the park. First stop. Moose. Now I can honestly say there were a few animals on my list of things I NEEDED to see. I had a short checklist and the top of it was a moose. I have never seen a moose in all my life and I am Canadian so I was pretty happy to spy this guy. We had much debate about antlers at that point and pretty sure we did not resolve it, but that’s for another day. Moose are impressive creatures.


There was a mountainous area with Alpine Ibex (shown below) and they were pretty friendly. They’d approach the van looking for food. So we each had a chance to take snapshots of these guys. Again, I really loved that each particular animal was in a space that looked authentic. These Ibex were climbing rocky mountains.


Last on my list – well everyone’s list for the day at Parc Omega – was Bear Valley. I was hanging onto the edge of my seat hoping like mad that we’d be able to spy some bears before we left. We have never seen bears up close, and that’s a good thing, but this day was magical. We saw several bear families running around and saw their homes too. BUT, I didn’t really get any stunning shots to write home about kind of thing until right before the exit – this guy.


That bear and moose made my checklist complete. I captured some decent pictures and we loved the day we spent at Parc Omega. I assumed we were completely finished at that point because we were exhausted, but my husband still wanted to check out Trout Lake and The First Nations Area.


The totem poles and carvings were incredible and there were more deer of course. In this area you will find more hiking trails and a spot where you can feed the fish, or feed the deer. It is very picturesque for photos.



Parc Omega is a gem. It is a must see spot for families.


Parc Omega:

Parc Omega is about 80 kms north of Ottawa-Gatineau area.

It is about 110 kms to Montreal

and 80 kms to Mont Tremblant

It is affordable, educational, very family friendly and open year round. There are many opportunities to camp on site. There are three prospector tents, three Witents (circular shelters that combine the best features of a yurt, teepee and igloo), a cabin on stilts, two log cabins and ten teepees. @ParcOmega

We were guests of Tourisme Outaouais while in Montebello and Gatineau and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire visit. My opinion is always truthful. 

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  • Alli

    My grandkids would love Parc Omega. I love that they have specified areas where you need to ride though and other areas where you get out and explore. It looks like there is so much to see and do on this fun adventure.

  • Pam

    Parc Omega looks like a great place to take kids. That kitten in the petting zoo area is just too cute. My kids would have tried to sneak it home too.

  • dee

    The thought of being out there with all that wild life is really cool. I like that fact that you were able to get up close to them and take some wonderful pictures.

  • lisa

    This place looks like so much fun! I love wildlife preserves and these pictures are great! If I ever make it to Quebec I will check it out!

    • Paula

      Thanks Heather. We could have used a second bag. Those animals eat them fast. I swear one Wapiti swallowed one whole almost!!

  • Holly LaRochelle

    I will add this to my must-see travel list for the East! This sounds like a really cool place to visit to see the flora & native animals. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  • Bonnie @wemake7

    Parc Omega looks like a really great place to take the family. I would love to bring my kiddos there. Great photos!

  • Suzanne Rudge

    Parc Omega looks like such a wonderful place to visit and your photos are beautiful Paula! I can see just how much your family had and I love the pic of your the girls in front of the Parc sign. I have wanted to take my children to Quebec and I think we will add this to our itinerary for next summer.

  • Teresa

    They let you feed the animals? That would never be allowed here in the US. Lucky you! My girls would go loopy over this – moose coming up to your car – how awesome! The wolves are gorgeous

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Parc Omega sounds like an amazing place to bring the whole family. I love all the wild life they have in the park and the fact that they tell you when entering where you can get out along with when to stay in the vehicles. I know here in Upper Michigan we get bear, moose, and deer sometimes downtown. It would be amazing to visit this park some day. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Amanda Love

    I love taking the kids to places wherein they’ll have a lot of chance to interact with the animals. It’s a great learning experience for them especially when it comes to being compassionate towards the animals around them. I’m sure you all had a fun time here!

  • Aeryn Lynne

    Wow, Parc Omega looks like a must-go kind of place. I had no idea it existed, but it’s on my travel list now! I love the kinds of parks you can get really close to/interact with wildlife.

    And your pics are incredible! So much cuteness, I want to be that weird person cooing at them, LOL.

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I would love to visit a place like this. I love seeing animals in the wild. They are pretty cool. I was psyched to go to the zoo here in NC and see the animals. So, I bet this place was fun too.

  • Kerrie

    Wow! My boys would CRAZY to go there! They are obsessed with wolves and while they have seen some of these animals in zoos they have never been this close to them. Adding this to our list of must-visit destinations.

  • Farrah Less g.

    I like traveling this is something you buy that makes your richer. I live an hour away from Great Smoky Mountain we have a lots of wild animal. I’ve seen black bear with her cubs crossing the street intense but a quite an experience.