Cyber Threats – Protect Yourself and all Your Devices

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Cyber threats are frightening and a reality for anyone who owns a computer, tablet or cell phone. Cyber threats are one of the most worrisome encroachments on our personal lives we face these days. Between ransomware and backdoor key logging malware, cyber threats can and do infiltrate our daily lives. While most of them are only nuisances, there is still possibility of disastrous life changing occurrences like identity theft and financial theft.



It’s important to protect yourself from cyber threats, especially these days, when hackers have figured out how to get spyware, malware, and other nasty stuff onto our phones and tablets as well as our computers. And when your family is probably more connected than ever before.

Nobody is Immune From Cyber Threats and Security Threats

Between click bait on Twitter, pop ups on just about every website imaginable, and websites that themselves seem to be made just to get you to access a file that will steal your digital life, cyber security is more important than ever. Which is why it’s so crazy to me that more people aren’t on top of it.

Did you know that 2/3 of Canadians know what ransomware is, but most of them don’t take any steps to protect themselves from it? That’s not surprising considering that a full 63% of Canadians aren’t – or worse – don’t know if they’re protecting themselves from ransomware with security software.


In addition to not protecting themselves, 60% of Canadians don’t even back up their files regularly. I get that. Life happens. We get busy. BUT a full 28% of Canadians NEVER back up their information, including photos, documents, music, bank details, etc. These days, most of us have our entire lives on our computers and devices and OVER 1/4 of us don’t even have a copy in case of disaster.

You know what that means, don’t you? It means that we are part of the problem. We are not protecting our data or backing up our data. Data that is the life blood of our family and finances. Hey, I’m totally guilty too. It took me longer than it should have to get a protective security system on my older daughter’s computer.


Do you want to know the craziest statistics of all? Millenials, the generation that knows all things tech, are often the worst offenders. A full 35% of them don’t know what ransomware is. That’s a large percentage than the 65+ age group! Millenials are most likely to NEVER back up anything, and they’re most likely to pay the ransomware attack.

ESET Protects Against Cyber Threats

ESET is the multi-device answer to all those cyber threats to lurk around every corner. It protects against a multitude of cyber threats across all major platforms.

ESET Cyber Threats Protection Includes

  • Phishing protection guards against identity theft when shopping online
  • Anti-theft tools to help keep your lost or stolen devices safe and help you get them back
  • App permissions show you which app is tracking what on your smart device
  • Virus protection
  • Parental controls and complete parental content filtering

And you get all that across all platforms. It works with PC, MAC, and Android. Which means you’re protected no matter where you go or what you’re doing, and that’s a big deal these days.


Cyber Threats are Less Threatening with ESET

I love the complete security against cyber threats offered by ESET. This is the first cyber security suite I’ve seen that offers this level of security across this broad a range of devices. It feels good knowing that cyber threats are far less threatening thanks to ESET.

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  • Amanda Love

    I’m one of those who don’t bother backing up anything and don’t really worry much about it. I know that I should and maybe this might be something that I will look into.

  • Kittypride

    I am not sure how to know how secure your on line set up is. Would be nice to get alerts if someone is lurking/tracking you!

  • Lisa Rios

    Cyber threat has become a much common issues these days with so many news of hacking & spamming happening all around. ESET sounds like a wonderful multi-device to counter such issues and the features are quiet amazing as well.

  • Elizabeth H

    I’ve experienced credit card fraud due to purchasing something online, so everytime I now make a purchase, I’m very careful to ensure its a secured connection

  • Leeanne C

    Always a concern with cyber security. You never know if you end up with a virus, information getting our or computer being comprised.

  • Eileen

    Proper Cybersecurity impacts my everyday life by protecting my personal information! With it, i feel safe when i go online, make purchases and use online banking.