End of the Year December Colouring Sheet

Happy December 1st!! Here is the December colouring sheet. That marks 12 colouring sheets in total here now so you should have a full year if you want to sit down and pull all the months of the calendar year together.

How is it possible that it is December already? This year flew by on the one hand, but it was a challenging one for so many people I know. That’s been true here too for sure. Too many things to stress over and too much negativity and uncertainty too in the world right now. If that stresses you out too, then you might find comfort or peace in doing something calming like colouring. That’s exactly why I have been sharing these free colouring pages here all year.

Regardless of how your year went or who you are spending the last few days of 2018 with there’s always room for hope. So even if 2018 was not a huge success it’s worthwhile taking time for self care and reminding yourself 2019 is a blank slate. So bring it on. In fact I am feeling that this year was a huge transition year for many of my friends and that alone can be stressful.

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The New Year can’t help but be better than this one, right?


December Colouring Sheet Printable

Sometimes reading, exercising or doing something soothing like colouring can help build mindfulness and make life a little more manageable. How do you practice self care this time of year.

I hope you enjoy this December Colouring Sheet Printable. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

To print this out for your children or for you to colour just click the PDF link and print. Easy as can be. A quick reminder that you may NOT reprint this on your own web site. That’s not cool or kind, or anything else. I trust my readers and want to continue to share these for their use and enjoyment. This past year too many sites have stolen content that belongs to me. Not permitted, or legal either.

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Here is a quick recap from this year.

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And Finally – > Here’s the PDF link for the December colouring sheet activity for you and yours. Have fun! If you enjoy these please leave a comment letting me know and I will plan some for 2019 too.

Last Month of the Year December Colouring Sheet


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