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The Most Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts #WorldVisionGifts

Rebecca in Margaret’s arms

Mother’s Day is not a day I take lightly. I am a Mom because of a gift from someone brave and caring. Two different birth Moms gave us the gift of both of our girls. We are adoptive parents and might never have been parents without someone else’s sacrifice and brilliant gift. I am always mindful of that. My parenting experience started with a gift. The most precious gift of all. My own journey to parenthood very much reminds me of the power of the local and the global community. Each one of us depend ends on others for so many things.

This year I am also very mindful of someone I am missing. My Mom passed away two years ago on Mother’s Day. I can choose to be sad and heartbroken that day or I can choose to remember her while celebrating all the gifts she gave me too. World Vision Canada makes that choice simple for me. The World Vision Canada gift catalogue has five gifts that honour mothers in developing countries. That’s something I know my own mother would support and she would love to know that I was thinking about her while using my voice and choosing the most meaningful Mothers Day Gifts.

This year I am opting to give a gift that matters on behalf of my Mom and on behalf of both of my daughter’s birth mothers. I have already chosen the Healthy Mom and Baby package from the World Vision gift catalogue. 

The Healthy Mom and Baby package is great value – it doubles in value – because the Canadian government also donates when you give Healthy Mom and Baby package. Protect a Pregnant Mom and Ensure safety of her baby $100

There are also four other items you can choose for meaningful Mother’s Day gifts this year. I would be thrilled to receive any of these. I know that helping a Mom in a developing area of the world makes a stunning impact on the entire community. When I travelled with World Vision Canada to Colombia last year I witnessed how a meaningful gift can change lives. The ripple effect is incredible. When one child is sponsored or helped with a gift from a Canadian they have a chance to grow up healthy and many go on to become people who give back to their city and country, like Johan. When one Mom is helped with a World Vision gift she has the ability to raise her child up out of poverty. She is able to give her own baby a better start and she can empower others as well. For instance, this group of women in Morales Duque are an amazing example of a community changed by gifts from others. They impact the present, by helping other families generate an income, they help children to have a safe space free from violence and drugs and in doing that they alter the course of the future for children, families and entire communities. This really can’t be overstated. A $100 gift has a stunning impact and is a very small amount for many of us in Canada.

Educate a Girl – this Mother’s Day help a girl rise above poverty with this gift. Help a young woman go to school and achieve her dreams. $60

Stylish cuff bracelet. Handmade by artisans in India. This has an intricate vine pattern on it. $100

Start a Business – help a mom start a business and she can change the lives of many. $100 Where else on earth could $100 have such an impact? Where else is $100 enough to help a startup business take hold? This is incredibly impactful. I will look hard at doing this in 2015 as well. This gift builds success.

Two hens and a rooster – the most popular catalogue gift. This offers families a source of food and income. Two hens can produce up to 150 eggs a year. $50

World Vision Canada is in over 90 countries worldwide, which also means that when disaster strikes they are often some of the first workers at the scene of earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, famines, droughts etcetera. Right now, I am following their good work doing disaster relief in Nepal. For more information and to see what they continue to do globally to help others remember to follow World Vision Canada on Facebook and on Twitter. Please consider meaningful Mothers Day gifts this year, both for giving and receiving.

Disclosure: I am a World Vision Canada Mom. I also coordinate World Vision Canada’s blogger outreach program through Thrifty Mom Media and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own.

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