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Fall Home Essentials for a Healthy Start #ChurchandDwight

Back to school time is here which means it’s also almost fall. I’m sure by now you have thought of the notebooks and backpacks and back to school supplies. But there are a few other things I like to stock now too. Things are about to get crazy, so it’s time to prepare your family and your home with a few Fall Home Essentials.


Kid’s schedules start to get nuts right about now which means the Mom and Dad Taxi is about to be overrun with requests. Busy, plus cold and flu season, plus extra laundry due to the extracurriculars and the dropping temperatures equals time to stock up on health and cleaning supplies. Save yourself the trauma and drama of running out of laundry soap two hours before your daughter needs that school uniform cleaned. Load up now.  Tame the back to school beast with these Fall Home Essentials from Church & Dwight.

Church & Dwight has the products we parents need to help support us through the beginning and throughout the school year to keep things running smoothly.

Back to School – More than Notebooks and Pencils

Back to school is not just about pencils and backpacks. It’s also about more laundry, more colds – just more of everything in general. Everyone already knows about school supplies for this time of year, but what about the other items that help support us through the year? The school year is a taxing time, and it will definitely require more than just books. These are my fall home essentials.

GRAVOL® Natural Source® Ginger Liquid Gel Capsules, Tablets & Lozenges

Naturally sourced, organic Ginger helps prevent nausea and vomiting. Non-drowsy and easy to swallow. Perfect for car sickness on class trips and long bus rides. I like to have these around for when I start to feel a bit sick. They help settle my stomach sometimes without knocking me out. I can’t be down for the count. There isn’t time.

GRAVOL Kids™ Quick Dissolve Chewables

Just like GRAVOL® but in a great cherry flavor and can be taken without water. EVERY MOM and DAD must have these especially if you have any Fall road trips coming up. These are essential.

ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean Crystal Burst Power Paks

Power Paks work with OxiClean stain fighters to get out tough stains and keep the kids looking “on fleek”

L’il Critters™ Barbie Complete Multivitamin™

Despicable Me Minion and Barbie shaped gummies packed with naturally sourced flavors. A complete multivitamin to help keep the kids healthy throughout the school year.

Vitafusion™ Women’s and Men’s Complete Multivitamins

Delicious gummy vitamins with essential vitamins and nutrients for the stress of back to school and everyday. I like these Multivitamins and happily take mine every day in the Fall.

Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Original

Because back to school brings hectic mornings. Instantly refresh and revitalize hair from a leading name in London fashion styling. So so much love for this product. I think I once mentioned how the teen uses this often because she’s so busy. One time last year she used it right before picture day (because we forgot it was picture day and we didn’t have time to shampoo.) Batiste works so well! It’s one of our teen girl must haves.

ARM & HAMMER™ Kid’s Spinbrushes

Available in Super Mario, Spider-Man, and My Little Pony, these battery operated toothbrushes make back to school easier by making morning brush fun for the younger school kids. I have to add here that the adult version of this toothbrush is what I have been using for the last two weeks and I love it. These toothbrushes get my teeth cleaner and that’s golden. I save the children’s ones for stocking stuffers. That’s right, I am a planner and my niece and nephew LOVE these. Plus they take the fight and the struggle out of brushing.

RUB – A535™ Extra Strength Heating Cream

Back to school means aches and pains for those of us who have seen a few summers and for our sports-playing kids. Keep the aches and pains to a minimum with RUB A535™

OxiClean™ White Revive™ Stain Remover Powder

Get out stains and keep those whites white. White school uniforms and white karate uniforms – need I say more?

OxiClean™ Colour shield Liquid Laundry Stain Remover

The same as White Revive™ but for colors!

OxiClean™ Max Force™ Gel

For the toughest of the tough back to school stains, Max Force™ Gel pre-treats and demolishes. This stuff is gold. We go through a lot of the OxiClean™ Max Force™ Gel for all the stains that come with back to school and sports and even cooking and eating on the run. It works.

Back to School and Back in the Swing

This year, don’t let back to school be back to madness. Get your kids into a routine before the year starts, get out there and stock up on their school supplies now, and stock up on all the fall home essentials you need from Church & Dwight.

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