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Say Good Bye to Stinky Sports Gear #ChurchandDwight #Giveaway

I am a Mom to extremely active girls, who do martial arts, and theatre and horseback riding, track and field and swimming and well, honestly the list seems endless some weeks. Soon we add skating and skiing to the mix. Hallelujah for snow sports. I love them. But what I don’t love is stinky sports gear.


The sports gear that comes with each activity can get extremely unpleasant smelling. When we ski we sweat profusely. That’s the sign of a great workout. When Ainsley rides her horse at SARI therapy riding, those nights are stop, drop the clothing in the laundry room immediately, and jump into the shower. The benefits of horseback riding for her are so great, but horses have a super distinct smell and riding pants and socks tend to absorb the fresh farm aroma fast.

Don’t even get me started about the karate sports gear. My kids spar and they warm up and they do their forms and their lessons and if you don’t think that’s a workout then you’ve never really watched a teen dripping sweat in the dojo while doing a complex series of rolls and high kicks and finger sets. It all looks very artistic and impressive when they are doing their lessons and when they are competing. But, it does not smell the best when the lesson is done.

Watching your child succeed at any sport or artistic activity is rewarding and fulfilling. There’s nothing better than seeing my kids perform and feel proud of their own accomplishments.


Prepare for Winter sports season:


Stay on Top of Smelly Sports Gear

1) Develop a routine: The fall and winter months are nuts. One of my girls is in her eighth year of theatre and I am still barely on top of her schedule. Thankfully it’s show week right now so that activity is in high gear this week and next, but it will soon taper off and make way for more martial arts time and then skiing season arrives. Establish a schedule and use your phone or apps to keep track of who goes where at what time. I’d be lost without my iPhone calendar. Stick to a homework schedule and ensure that any athletic bags are ready to go when needed. Around here we have a theatre bag with dance clothing, scripts, and shoes and we have a separate martial arts bag for each of the girls. 

2) Banish smelly sports gear: It’s surprising how such a big smell can come from a kid! Girls too. Any sports gear gets sweaty when when your child is working hard and giving it their all.  Stop stinky sports gear from taking over. Air out equipment after each use.  Wash items that can be machine washed. Pro tip: Use a detergent that’s up to the challenge such as OxiCleanTM HD Liquid Laundry Detergent and Arm & HammerTM Plus OxiCleanTM Cold Water Power Paks – For the riding pants and socks that Ainsley uses this is CRUCIAL. That stuff needs to be cleaned right away.

3) Maintain a positive attitudeThe number one goal (pun intended!) for your child doing any sort of sports activity should be having fun and getting exercise. Whether it’s a “win” or “lose” being part of a team can help your child learn valuable life skills and feel that they belong somewhere with a group of likeminded active peers. My one daughter gets that from her theatre group. My other daughter really finds martial arts and skiing to be her happiest places. She was meant to be active. 

4) Get to know other sports or theatre parents: Creating a network of other parents can add a fun social element to the experience. Plus, it’s a great way to stay connected and easily be able to coordinate carpools and call-in a last minute favour if you can’t make a practice.

5) Make some memories: Take pictures, attend the games and the tournaments when you are able. Celebrate with your child when they excel at something and be the shoulder they can safely vent on when they are upset with the way a game or lesson or tournament turned out.

What are your tips for surviving sports with your kids?

I am giving away a bundle of goodies to help you get through winter sports season. Good Luck! Open to Canada only!

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 Total Value: Approx. $35

I am a Church and Dwight ambassador and as such I have been compensated.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.