Sports All About Me Book for Young Child

There are many ways to get kids involved in learning. An All About Me Book can be a great way to get them to work through some early identity issues. Things like who is in my family and how old am I are very important, especially when starting preschool or kindergarten. This Sports All About Me Book is intended to help.


With my kids sometimes when they are struggling I ask them – “Hey who is on your team? ”

“Mom is.”

And then they list the people on their team. Sometimes it’s grudgingly, but often by the end of the conversation they’re reminded there are people that will always have their back. Or to beat a metaphor to death – go to bat for them in life.

And when they are being really abrasive and challenging and prickly I also say the same thing and use the same metaphor. Just remember who is on your team. As in, don’t alienate the people who are on that team.

My kids haven’t been young enough to use a book like this in awhile, but I know that these types of tools were super useful when they were small. I hope this Sports All About Me book is a great opportunity for them to grow and explore their family and their identity while learning and having fun too.

If your child is clearly ready to start printing and doing a bit of reflection on figuring out who is this Sports All About Me book will be perfect.

Sports All About Me Book

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Sports All About Me

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