The Best London March Break Camps

Spring break is almost here. Some years it sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? Oh, I remember well the mad last minute panic to find something to occupy the kids when school was suddenly out for March break. But, you don’t need to panic. There are so many great children’s camps and programs that there’s always something to do.

In London, there are several March break camps for kids that are extremely fun and creative. Many are also quite affordable. When my kids were small we tried most of these creative children’s programs and we’ve had experience with most of the ones below and can vouch for them as quality March break camps for kids in London.


London March Break Camps for Kids

Over the years we have done so many London March break camps and local summer day camps too that I feel like an expert on the matter. Also frankly if you ever want to ask me which ones are best for kids with unique needs and special needs feel free to message me or comment here. We tried so many and several failed my youngest so that we actually complained and requested our money back a time or two.

Camp counsellors now though have much great understanding of the needs of young kids with sensory issues, FASD and autism too. Thank goodness for that and for inclusion counsellors. Training has evolved and young people are better able to support all kids. Note that even though these are kid’s camps I have always felt that camp is a family service as in if you do it well and support my child that benefits the entire family.


Modern Martial Arts Camp

My kids have both done this one many times over and they have also volunteered and worked as counsellors at Steve Stewart’s Modern Martial Arts Studio too. We love the emphasis on martial arts and healthy activity. I especially like that this is a dojo and program that encourages girls to excel and continue growing alongside male athletes. We have always found amazing role models for our daughters here.

If your kids are interested in trying martial arts, or if they are already members at MMA, then this is the spot for them. They do a lot of physical activity and it will keep them occupied all March break. Check it out here or register via this Modern Martial Arts March break day camp link.

Benefits: Excellent physical activity

Cost: $169

It is a great deal in my books.

Kidlets – Original Kids Younger Set

My kids have also done this fun theatre camp a few years in a row. It’s one of our favourites. This is how my oldest girl started at Original Kids years ago. She’s been in the cast now for almost ten years! It’s truly one of her favourite spaces to be.


Extremely creative camp for younger kids. This will keep them well occupied. I can also vouch for the amazing high quality counsellors and camp directors at all levels of this camp and in the organization itself.

If your child has unique needs note them clearly and I am confident they can be supported here. Not only will they be supported though, they will flourish.

Cost: $375 per week

Camp runs from 9 to 4. It also sells out fast as do the rest of their camps so when registration opens you need to book it. Cost might seem high, but here’s the thing: they are learning to act, sing and dance as a team in a cast. At the end there is a performance. Plan to be there for that.


Sport Western

Although we have not done this one ourselves we’ve heard rave reviews from others over the years. It has a great reputation for kids who are interested in sports and activity.


Multiple sports offered during the weeklong day camp that is all day every day this March break.


$250 for the week. Divided according to age ranges with ages 4 to 7 in Juniors and Seniors 8 to 11.

Boler Mountain Ski Camp

The year we learned how to ski at Tremblant we returned home eager to keep skiing and to remember what we’d been taught. So I signed Ainsley up for Ski Camp that March break and she LOVED it. She is an excellent skier and quite an athlete so it kept her busy. My older girl and I then took the week to ski together and graduate from the bunny hill to some bigger options. The only drawback here is it fills up fast and also it’s quite a drive out there too.


Ski and Snowboarding lessons are incredible ways to nurture love of the outdoors in winter. Various ages and stages are available. My younger daughter LOVED this March Break camp.


Lesson – $185

Lesson and Lift Tickets – $290

Lesson, Lift tickets and Rental equipment – $399 (if you don’t have skis or snowboards etc.)

East Park

Inquire directly or go in through the City of London Spectrum Winter 2019 program brochure for this one. We have been to East Park many times and love it there. We have not done the camp but my kids have also been to birthdays there and we enjoy spending time at East Park. There’s a lot to do, so it’s definitely entertaining.


Active camps for kids.

Cost –

This year, in 2019, it is $230 for the week.

City of London March Break Camps

These are the camps that are run through the city and advertised in the Spectrum brochure. There are a range of locations this year. The City of London web site indicates 2018 information, but in fact I have checked these and there are numerous locations offering camps this year. There might even be spots available still at some.

In the past we did many city of London camps. My older daughter loved them and did quite well at them. When Ainsley was younger though she was a runner and her sensory processing disorder challenges coupled with her attention and impulsivity issues were not a great fit at all. In the last 5 years or so the city has gone to great lengths to accommodate and support kids with various disabilities, differences and learning styles. I now know some of the young people working as counsellors and they are exceptionally well qualified for their jobs. But be sure to ask the right questions when you are signing up a child with special needs for camp.

You might consider visiting this page and creating an All About Me Booklet if your child has special needs. Use it as a helpful tool to give counsellors a means of supporting your child at day camp.

Kinsmen, Carling Heights, and several South London day camps are available for March Break. Several years ago we did Kinsmen and loved it. My daughter met several friends that over time also ended up at her French Immersion school and even in her various recreational after school activities over the years. Fun how sometimes kids of the same age end up interacting over and over and forming friendships even if they don’t live in the same neighbourhood. Sometimes London is not so big after all.

Benefits of these City of London March break camps:

Cost –

$130 per week!! Very affordable and you might find one not too far from home. 

Other Factors: If you are on a fixed income you can always apply for subsidy in order to be able to send your kids to camp.


Check your individual branches for information regarding what they are offering this year. Looks like Stony Creek in North London has a camp this March break for five days. Activity is indoors and out. The benefit of these YMCA or YWCA London March break camps is that they are always active and there’s often swimming involved too, which is well-supervised.


Usually can find one close to your home. I kind of loved the swimming part of the day as a parent, but mostly when I knew my daughter was relatively competent at listening and at swimming.


$195 or $235 depending on whether you are a member or not. Very affordable.

Other Factors: You can always apply for subsidy in order to be able to send your kids to camp here too.

London Children’s Museum March Break Camp

Oh this is definitely one of my favourite London resources for kids and families. Not just referring to the day camp actually. The London Children’s Museum is an asset and we spent days upon days here when my children were younger. We also had a few birthday parties hosted at the museum. Highly recommend those London children’s birthday parties too. This is a very affordable way to do a birthday party.

STEM Learning

Anyways, this camp is contained and well organized and in high demand so if you have not signed up by now you might be out of luck actually. With its emphasis on STEM learning and the excellent dinosaur area on the main floor this is a natural hit with most kids.

Yearly Membership and PA Days

Way back when we began going we quickly learned that we needed a yearly family membership to save money. It’s definitely worth it especially if your children are preschoolers and need a spot to get together with playmates, practice turn taking and simply act out their creative play scenarios.

Benefits of Children’s Museum

Stem Learning and Free Creative Play, plus the atmosphere is stimulating and fun for all ages.


$230 for the week or $210 if you are members.

OH FYI Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget to schedule and pay for your summer camps now too, whether they are inside London day camps for kids, or overnight sleep away camps outside the area, they are filling up fast!


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