super bowl party recipes
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Ten Yummy Super Bowl Party Recipes for The Big Game

super bowl party recipes

Are you a football fan? Do you throw a Super Bowl party every year? We don’t often throw a big party or anything like that, but I like to have some fun food ideas on hand sometimes just for us and other times so that if we get invited to a Super Bowl party we are ready to prepare something fast.

A Super Bowl Party can break up the monotony of winter. It’s also a great reason to gather with friends, cheer for favorite teams and of course indulge in some delicious foods! This year I found 10 Yummy Super Bowl Party recipes that I think are going to add a lot of food fun to any party. I think you are going to love a few of these too.

Do you host a Super Bowl party? Things like meatballs and pretzels and wings are pretty standard fare, but it’s the sauce and the yummy super bowl recipes that make each of these unique. I know what I would try this year first before any other recipes here. Bacon wrapped pineapple of course!! Who doesn’t love bacon wrapped food? I mean really bacon wrapped scallops, and bacon wrapped water chestnuts are my favourite appetizers anywhere. I have even seen bacon wrapped crab meat at a local sushi place here in town. I am so ready to make that. These bacon wrapped pineapple bites sound scrumptious!

Homemade Mini Corndogs
Poppy Seed Pretzel Dogs
Sweet BBQ Meatballs
Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites
Southwestern Lasagna
Old Bay Roasted Potato Wedges
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatballs
Easy BBQ Wings
Eggo and Nutella Footballs

Do you have a go to recipe out of all of the possible Super Bowl recipes? BBQ Wings are a standard addition to every football party! Which of these 10 Yummy Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party are you going to try first?

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  • Nena Sinclair

    I’ve had bacon wrapped pineapple at a friend’s place one time and loved it! Thanks for sharing, now i can make it myself!

  • Sherry Compton

    Yummy…football and food go together, and this weekend is a big one. Lots of snacking. It’s World Nutella Day today so I may have to start on those Nutella footballs early. 🙂

  • diane sabatini

    Those bacon wrapped pineapple bites look amazing. Yummy! Those Sweet and Sour meatballs are a must for football!


    We don’t have corn dogs here in Ireland so I’ll definitely be trying these out to see what all the fuss is about!

    • Paula

      Oh my gosh! I had no idea you didn’t have them in Ireland! That’s interesting. I think they are something to try once or twice but I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

  • Edye

    Even though my Seattle Seahawks aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, I’ll still be watching! Those football cookie’s look amazing 🙂


  • Mia

    We don’t typically have a super bowl party but these are really great recipes for snacks and to bring along as appetizers.

  • Sue M.

    I have to work on Super Bowl Sunday so won’t be hosting or attending any parties. These are great recipes, though, and I’ll definitely try them out!

  • Stacy

    The Eggo and Nutella Footballs look cute, I would definitely make those as a snack. I am vegan so we don’t even have wings at our superbowl party! I usually make vegan meatball sliders and then put out a lot of dips and chips, a veggie tray and a fruit tray.

  • lisa

    Thank goodness, we don’t watch sports. There are a couple of recipes that I wouldn’t mind trying. I just don’t cook and like easy recipes.

  • Renee Rousseau

    The Southwestern Lasagna is a unique take on traditional lasagna and will make a great main course for any Superbowl party!
    Lots of good recipes with familiar and on hand ingredients!

  • Brianna Lumb

    I dont watch sports but bacon wrapped pineapple sounds so amazing… I love snacks.. Maybe “superbowl” snacks and a movie night for valentines day. Yum!!


    Passing this on the my wife who is in charge of the Super Bowl menu…I’ll be sure to request the poppy seed hot dogs!

  • Carla

    I’d try the Old Bay Roasted Potato Wedges. I have a party every year with all the football themed decorations, party lights, bowls. trays, & dishes, ect. The one thing I have to have every year is the Cheesy Bean Dip made in the football shaped slow cooker. I just put Bush’s Vegetarian baked beans, cheese (cheddar or Velveeta or something like it), & mild salsa in there & let it simmer until the party. I also like to have vegetarian chili cooking in another crock pot, & have potato salad made. Whatever other snacks, veggies, & dips I’m serving varies, & the beer is whichever one have a football on the can.

  • Jennifer Boehme

    This is going to be a good day for snacks. Slow cooker little smokies, meatballs, sub sandwich, and I didn’t think of the potato wedges you have. Good idea!

  • Pam R

    Those bacon wrapped bbq meatballs look incredible! We aren’t hosting or attending a Super Bowl party but I’m drooling so much over all these app recipes that I may just feed my family apps on Sunday anyways!

  • contest_chick82

    Oh wow these all look so delicious! But I’m on a diet, lol! Maybe I’d have to break it?! Thanks so much sharing these great recipes! 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    OK, if you want to whip up some of the corn dogs & the bacon-wrapped meatballs, I’ll be happy to taste test them! I want those right now, lol.

  • John K

    I always make buffalo chicken dip. Super easy, super fun, can by spicy or not! Cream cheese, canned chicken, cheddar cheese, and ranch/buffalo sauce to taste 🙂

  • suzanne

    The Old Bay Roasted Potato Wedges with sauce, and the Southwestern Lasagna are calling my name. And the ones with bacon sound perfect, I mean bacon!

  • Tina G.

    Those all look delicious, but I have got to try the Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatballs!! My mouth is watering!! All of the recipes look really great and would be a hit at any Super Bowl party!!

  • ellen beck

    Love your list! I tend to serve finger foods and things that are easy to handle like these. With wings or chili we try and eat something like that at half time. I love the variety of meatballs. I use toothpicks or skewers for those! And provide plenty of napkins and even put out hand wipes for all of the sticky stufff :))

  • stephanie Ambrosio

    The bacon wrapped pineapple bites sound so yummy! My husband is obsessed with bacon and I’m obsessed with pineapples so I’ll have to try that out!

  • lissa crane

    Every recipe on this list looks perfect for our Super Bowl party, but the one I am most excited to try is definitely the Homemade Mini Corndogs! These would be a huge hit in my home and I love that you can just pop them into your mouth, to minimize the mess!

  • Debbie Welchert

    What a great list of recipes. The bacon wrapped meatballs sound and look amazing and I love that they are baked and not fried. The less grease the better. I think my whole family would love these.

  • Valarie lee gentry

    All of these recipes look YUMMY, especially the Eggo and Nutella Footballs! And all the recipes seem super easy to make which is perfect!! Thanks for all the recipe ideas!!

  • Debbie White Beattie

    This is a great list and my favorite is Southwestern Lasagna and I’ll be making this one real soon.