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    Sensory Friendly Halloween Costumes for Children with Sensory Sensitivities

    If you have a child with sensory sensitivities then you know how important it is to find them sensory friendly Halloween costumes. Halloween Should Be Scary, Not Scratchy Both of my girls have always had different levels of sensory sensitivities. In fact, it was the sensory reactions that first alerted us to Ainsley’s sensory processing disorder. Over time, that evolved into a couple of other diagnoses. But, the sensory processing was a huge factor for many years. It still is, even long after my daughters have outgrown trick or treating. Over a course of several Halloweens we learned a few tricks and we found many sensory friendly Halloween costumes. When…

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    Fifteen DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

    It’s that time of year when crafty people everywhere go nuts. I’m talking Halloween. Halloween can be the best opportunity for crafty DIY types to show their creative side. When I was a child we almost always had DIY Kid’s Homemade Halloween Costumes. One year I remember my brother dressed as a robot entering a competition for kid’s Homemade Halloween Costumes. It was the most elaborate homemade kid’s costume he ever had. I can’t remember what I was that year. I outgrew Halloween a couple years before he did. But I recall that Halloween being really unique and memorable. And that costume was amazing!! [tweetthis]15 Homemade Halloween Costumes #DIY[/tweetthis] If you…