Take the 30-day Decluttering Challenge Now + Free Printable

Never have I ever needed a decluttering challenge more than I do right now. After months and months of pandemic life, spending more time at home and less leaving the house for school, work and life in general, the piles of clutter have become overwhelming.

Holiday Clutter

At this time of year, at Christmas, I also find myself frequently overwhelmed but the extra decorations and details that make the home festive but also visually cluttered. I feel like it’s impossible to do a minimalist Christmas. That’s okay, I think, but at the same time I live and work in my home and cannot really handle much more stuff.

Why I am Doing This Challenge

So, I have decided that I will embark on a 30-day decluttering challenge asap. As soon as the calendar hits January 1st, I am doing this every day with some small breaks in between.

First up, the kitchen. I feel like my kitchen could take a bit actually, like a week on its own. It is a cluttered mess and I am surprised how fast it gets that way actually. We moved here six years ago in February and we decluttered like crazy before we moved to minimize what we brought into our new home. Yet, here we are just six years later with way too much stuff. I am so tired of that.

Also, my kids are mini hoarders. Well, I exaggerate a little, but just a little. Teens know how to order via Amazon which means that they do, often….and the boxes pile up which makes me nuts. I frequently pop into one’s room and remove empty Amazon boxes from under the bed. Also, I leave little reminders of how bad it is for the environment to order stuff like food from Amazon just because you are suddenly hungry and Amazon is fast and easy. For the impulsive teens that I have here this is a huge challenge in and of itself, one that we are working on during the winter.

Download My Challenge and Join Me!

So, clearly my kitchen is a trouble area but that is nothing compared to my basement. It is the spot where clutter has gone to die. Honestly, we have gathered all sorts of things for the last few years. Some boxes are things that were my mother’s items and other boxes are full of old notes from my kid’s classes. That needs to go.

It’s hard to understand why they cling to some of that stuff. But, it just means I need to get creative about removing it when I am able. In person school days mean that I can do that. Unfortunately there are only two days a week – eight hours total many weeks for that. Sadly not even enough time for me to manage all of my writing jobs here.

Join Me in Tackling the Mess

But, this year I am committed to tidying up the clutter. It is taking over and I am over it. So, this challenge is one that I am undertaking with enthusiasm. Won’t you join me?

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