Take the Summertime Building Challenge

My kids are older now and yet one of them is so enamoured with Lego, specifically the most challenging kits that are like a gigantic puzzle scene.

Give her a Harry Potter clock tower or astronomy scene and she’s transfixed for hours, until it is finished. She’s my puzzler, the one who loves to build and make puzzle pieces fit.

While I love writing and creative pursuits, I am less skilled at building. Summertime is the ideal time for creativity and getting outside. Swimming, walking, hiking and camping – these are my favourite things to do in the warm months, but there are many days when the weather gets in the way, or when you just need a change of pace.

STEM learning doesn’t have to be hard.

You can simply provide the materials and offer a visual summertime building challenge.

WE loved this Classic Lego set when the kids were younger.

STEM Summertime Learning

Those days, the rainy ones, or the ones full of thunder and lightning storms, are the days that are perfect for building challenges. Take this summer themed building challenge and make it your own for the entire summer season.

While it is 30 days of challenges like build a canoeing scene or an ice cream truck, you could also just use it all summer long as needed. You don’t necessarily have to go in order either. It’s up to you, and your kids, just let them have fun exploring building

Don’t Miss These Activities Too

Remember to visit my free printables board if you need help looking for free activities for your kids to do. For a high quality print out of the life cycle content do not miss this downloadable Bee Life Cycle activity and you should be off to the races.

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STEAM Activities and More

Don’t miss this summer STEAM activity sheet while you are here. My Pinterest boards have many activities for kids and parents to use all summer long.

There are dozens of lifecycle worksheets. I also have several travel related kid’s learning activities.

All About England is a cute one to start with today and do the tour of Europe with the France Colouring Sheet and workbook.

Pin this for later or download below.

What are you Doing this Spring?

Drop a comment below. Let me know if you and your kids are looking for more activities to do this spring or summer. I’d be happy to help if I can.

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Download here:

How to Get This Building Challenge

Just click on the link below and it will download for you. Consider printing this out and hanging it in the playroom, or wherever the Lego or Duplo building blocks are. If you have a laminator, you could laminate it and keep it for years.

Lately, I am laminating all of the crafty things here. It makes me happy.

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