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What Do Kids Like Better Than Fart Jokes?

What do kids like more than fart jokes? Well pretty much anything gross. It’s true. They may pretend to be squeamish but when faced with an entire room full of displays about bugs that suck your blood and different types of animal scat, they are entirely captivated. So I knew when The Museum in Kitchener had a traveling exhibit called Grossology that my kids would love it. And they did. Last week I drove my niece back to Kitchener after a sleepover and met the rest of my niece’s family at The Museum. The entry fee for the exhibit is a bit steep at $13 a person, but the Museum is very hands on and even the regular exhibits are quite wrth the time. My kids love the equine exhibit as well. But the realy treat was the hands on tapeworm and poop displays. There is a quizz show style booth with three of the earth’s slimiest creatures and a push button feature that helpes to teach about slime. And a trivia area about poop and vomit and intestines and a cow’s digestive process. And a separate quiz area that ties it all together. Then there is also a pump type mechanism inside a whole bunch of bloodsuckers that illustrates where the blood goes in each of the bugs shown. Also a sniff test for various animals and whether the smell is meant to attract or detract or defend the animal. I had my eye on this traveling exhibit of grossness for some time. It was educational and worth the drive. It is only on until September and the Museum is located at 10 King Street, Kitchener in a beautiful old factory space.

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