Thursday BlogHop

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

Hi there and hope your Thursday has been fun and productive. I have two sick children this week and they’ve been home various different days, which means my week has gone sideways. I just found this Bloghop courtesy of Bass Giraffe’s Thoughts and I felt up for a fun post tonight. So here goes. If you want to join in visit her blog and leave your button then follow as many new people as you can.

Bass Giraffe’s Thoughts asked her star blogger some questions about blogging and although I am new to the process I thought it might be fund to answer the questions here too.

1. How Long Have You Been Blogging?
I started blogging in May 2009. I tinkered with some personal topics and got a good response.

2. What got you started blogging?
I am a writer. I have published many articles in newspapers and magazines – so traditional media. I took a course over one year ago here in London on on line writing by Dawn Boschcoff. That got me thinking about the evolution of writing and media and where I needed to be as a writer. Dawn’s advice at the time was jump right in. Try some of the platforms and tinker around. Try Blogger. Try WordPress. Spend some afternoons just looking around Linked In and experiment. I plunged right into Blogger and stayed. My business and my brand have grown and I have found an excellent way to write regularly, advocate, review and connect with others. I am glad to have taken the plunge. Now thriftymommedia has exploded and thriftymommastips has a very strong following.

3. What is the Main Focus of Your Blog?
Family, parenting, adoption, sales, bargains, education, special needs. I do tips, tricks, reviews and giveaways. Anything that helps you parent better, or save money is the topic matter I am concerned with most.

4. Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Share?
Enter my giveaways. I love to share. Also I am an adoptive parent and love to talk adoption. I speak occasionally at conferences and am available if needed.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.